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  1. OGnapkin

    FMS Corsair 800mm V2 Upgrade

    will the 800mm corsair v2 by fms fly on a 3s? also, what prop should I put on to make sure it doesn't draw too many amps?
  2. CatholicFlyer

    Multi Wing Corsair War Bird

    okay, I just watched the Corsair build, amazing and Peter did a great job making it so easy to understand. I was thinking, either a Tri-Corsair Winged Corsair; with the wings working with ailerons. With the added weight, I would not suggest a mini, but a good size Corsair and might need a good...
  3. H

    Mighty Mini Corsair flies to one direction

    I recently bought FT Might mini Corsair and the first few times I flew it, the plane held in air but then started to swerve to one direction. I have the custom "power pod" angled differently and I think that might be the answer Also is there anywhere I can get 6x4.5 propellers.
  4. FoamyDM

    New and Energized here in Eastover/Fayetteville NC

    Hello, So for my Mid-life Crisis, I went on my 41st B-day and bought a cheap Blade Nano QX 3D from my local hobby store. While I was looking to educate myself on Quads and FPV I came across the flite test crew comparing some quads with FPV. Next time I was on Youtube it suggested I watch a...
  5. R


    I am looking to build the FT MIGHTY MINI CORSAIR and currently have a mini-powerpod with this http://www.altitudehobbies.com/a-series-motors/brushless-motor-300-28-12-1400kv-suppo-2204-14 motor on it running a 6x5.5 prop with a 10A ESC. Will this setup work with the Corsair. I don't want a...
  6. H

    Upscaling Mighty Mini Corsair

    Hi everybody, I am flying RC planes and quadcopters for some years now but until the beginning of this week, i was completely new to scratchbuilding. My first model was the mighty mini Corsair and i really love it !! As i think, that it is a little bit small, i instantly decided to build a...
  7. T

    100 MPH Mighty Mini Corsair!

    Hi, I just made the new Corsair and thought I would share my setup for some awesome speed! I used a funfighter motor with a 6x4 prop. It went fast on 3s, but according to some weird German Doppler effect software it went 100.4 MPH on 4s give or take. Not sure how accurate it was, but it seems...
  8. Aviator08

    F4U Corsair

    After watching Disney's " Planes" my step daughter asked me if I could build "Skipper". We had already built "Ripslinger" and " Dusty" and a couple other FT aircraft. I told her I wasn't sure but would see what I could do. Having recently learned some AutoCAD, it became a challenge for me to...
  9. M

    Josh Bixler Challenge

    You guys built the Spitfire swappable but thats a straight wing for the most part. I'd like to see you guys build a Corsair with that funky wing and if it flys good, PLEASE offer it as a swappable haha
  10. I

    Parkzone F4U-1A Corsair complete airframe PKZ6070

    I have a new Parkzone Corsair F4U-1A airframe. PKZ6070 Retail price 79.99 Make an offer. Will consider trades. This box is quite large. Its the same packaging as the complete model and includes everything needed except electronics. I can ship it or bring it to FliteFest.
  11. C

    Hangar 9 Corsair

    If anyone has a Hangar 9 Corsair .60 fuselage that they need to get rid of please tell me. I want to rebuild mine but i cannot find the body. I can find all of the other parts except that one!
  12. adergotardo

    Does Size Matters?

    Hello there. I'm mad about Corsairs F4U. Now I'm building one with 1000mm wingspan. It's comes from here: http://manubricole.free.fr/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=131 But, as you can see, its a derivation of another plans. The original make a smaller plane… So I decided built this too and there's...
  13. adergotardo

    Corsair version 1 Wings & Tail session

    Hello, there. After build the Spitfire I started wonder about Corsair. I'd like to share my plans to build one using the Spitfire bases. I'll try to build the fuselage with a can, so because that I don't draw it. I hope find someone who want a swapable Corsair to help me to make this project...
  14. P

    F4U Corsair Foamie

    Well, this Fomie just flies. No wingtip stall. Plenty of thrust. I am in love with my Corsair Enjoy!