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FT Mini Cruiser Batteries

I recently got into flying, and after building and crashing and repairing the tiny trainer and mini speedster, I'd like to step up the game and go for a dual prop plane. At the moment I'm running with the default 2300kv emax 1806 motor and a gemfan 6x4E prop, which is a blast with both 2S and 3S. For the cruiser, I'm thinking along the lines of "go bigger or go home" so I'm looking at the DYS BE1806 motors with the SN20A escs (I have a separate UBEC), for their large thrust and 4S capabilities. For the cruiser I assume that I'll need larger batteries to get adequate flight time, so I'm looking at a couple 850mAh 3S packs and maybe a 850mAh 4S pack for extra fun, plus a 1600mAh 2s for long cruises.


The big question I have is whether this is a good idea or not. I saw the ft video with 2s and 3s and I think 6x3 props, and thought it might have more oomph in it, but since I don't have a lot of experience with props/motors/planes in general I'd like to consult here first. I plan to use the 5x3 and 6x4E props I have on hand, but could get more depending on the need.

EDIT: There's always the possibility of upgrading to 2204 or 2206 motors as well.
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When I originally saw how fast the mini was my thoughts went right away into 4cells. Did you end up trying it? I am sure it'll be both fast and still fly quite well other than a tad heavy.

I am surprized no one has done it!