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FT Mini Scout with KFm 2 Wing


Elite member
So, since it's Spring Break here in the Northland I had time to finish up my mild mod to the FT Mini Scout. I made a KFm 2 wing for it just to see how that worked out. During the build I decided to change the tail shape just a bit, rounding out the trailing edge of both the rudder and elevator. I maidened it using a 3S 850maH battery. Other than having to bring it back down to set the elevator trim down (all the way down) it flew great.

Pushing my luck I did a second flight using a 2S 850maH battery. Just after take off the wind came up to about 12 miles an hour. Made the plane a little squirrelly, but at just under half throttle I could hang the plane over my head. Other than one tree landing, it was fun to fly. About the only thing I questioned was having to firewall the throttle to throw a loop.

Since it survived I think I'll paint it.



Legendary member
That's really cool that you put a kfm wing on it. I should consider the KFM wind style for something that I am working on right now thanks.