FT Pun Jet - BUILD


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This is the step by step tutorial for building the FT Pun Jet, the Mighty Mini airplane designed with optional folding wings.


The FT Pun Jet was first featured in our FT Guinea Pig episode (Watch Here). After it's debut in that episode, viewer comments requesting that the swing wing experimental plane become a Speed Build Kit lead us to make it available for you!




The FT Pun Jet is available as a Might Mini Speed Build Kit in our online store HERE!

This foam build kit is made up of just a few foam board pieces.


Code named "the cupcake", this 'swing wing' plane went through many changes before its final design.


You can create your own Z-Bends with a pair of Z-Bend Pliers: Available Here!




Peter came up with an easy way to magnetize his screwdriver by placing this Neodymium Ring Magnet around it which helps keep the tiny screw attached when installing servo screws!


The OLFA 5003 L-1 18mm Ratchet-Lock Heavy-Duty Utility Knife is our new favorite blade.


Designed to offer a servo-operated 'swing wing' but can also be flown as a straight-wing or glider!

Powered by the Maxx - MT1806. (Available in our Mighty Mini Power Pack A)



  • WEIGHT: (w/o battery) 4.1 oz (166 g)
  • CG: 7.25 in (184 mm) from nose
  • THROWS: 12° - 16° deflection; 30% expo
  • WINGSPAN: 14.5 in (368 mm)
  • *MOTOR: 2200 kv 250 size motor
  • *PROP: 5 x 4 minimum
  • *ESC: 12 amp minimum
  • *BATTERY: 500 - 800 mAH


New to the R/C hobby?
Here's some resources to help get you up to speed!

Beginner Series: WATCH HERE!

Electronics Setup: WATCH HERE!

First Flight Quick Tips: WATCH HERE!

Got glue?? Get Some Here!





Thank you for the plans!

Will be printing and building today. Non folding though. Will report back.



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Likely building a non-wing folding one tonight also. My Mini Guinea will be sacrificed to build this.

Looking to try some 6x4.5 props also to really make it scream...or crash, only time will tell.


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I hope to build one tonight, so I can chuck it at my neighbour tomorrow morning.
Empty and unpowered, of course. He wanted one ever since the guinea pig episode aired. guess I'll have to add that to my build list now as well, so I can carry him up.


NOT a slow flyer. :D
Zmr 1804 2400kv 5x4.5 propp 3s 950mAh 9g tower pro servos.

It does not track well at lower speeds, you will need more space then I had if you want to come out of the maiden with a hole plane. I had to get it out of 2 trees and out of the woods once.
at speed it tracks very nice and is a load of fun. Can't wait to get to the airfield with this one.
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Built my Pun Jet over the past few days and attempted to maiden it this morning. I'm using the Emax MT1806 with a 6x4 prop on 2S. I was unable to keep it in the air for more than a few seconds each time. After the last attempt where it spiraled into the ground the ESC was knocked loose and pulled the motor connectors off. I did not have tools with me on the field to fix this. Since this is in the cavity below the wing in the fuselage I had to cut out a bit of foam from the bottom of the fuselage to get to the connectors and hook them back up.

Tomorrow I will try again.


it is a very fun plane to fly. So fun that i totally killed it doing a low pass up a hill. Will build another and this one will have kfm2 or KFm4.
Building it out of 3mm foamboard makes it super light but not so crash resistant. :D


After the last attempt where it spiraled into the ground the ESC was knocked loose and pulled the motor connectors off. I did not have tools with me on the field to fix this. Since this is in the cavity below the wing in the fuselage I had to cut out a bit of foam from the bottom of the fuselage to get to the connectors and hook them back up.

Tomorrow I will try again.

I found the same thing, it even disconnected on a little bit of a hard normal landing. I also made a hatch in the bottom, and put a bit of tape around the bullet connectors and that solved the problem.



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Anyone know why they used the Clockwise CW threaded Emax MT1806 on this? From my searches it appears the Red and Silver prop adapters are CW and the black is CCW. Since they explained the prop is spinning Clockwise as a pusher, shouldn't they be using a CCW threaded instead? Maybe since it's in their Power Pack A (Minis) they originally planned for this motor to be used as a puller?


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Any luck with the kFm2 wing idea.?.? I ended with Depron snow tonight after my maiden flight... I nosed it into the ground 3 time before it gave up. Incredibly strong made with 6mm depron and packing tape (see photo).
I think I had and issue with CG (shame it's not marked on the plans) and I think I'll dial the throws down a little, I do like the idea of putting a kfM2 wing on though, may have to make a couple of chuck gliders to see what works best..


Modded Pun Jet - by Airc Pirates!

Pun Jet is ready for takeoff!

It has:
removable servos
a pun pod
a magnetic canopy
a flight stabilizer

Plans for the servo mounts and the pun pod coming soon!

For the perfect CG i use a Zippy 850mAh 3 cell lipo.

Here some pictures:







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The Pun Pod is there!

You have a lot of Pun Jets but only one motor and esc?

No problem! Build a Pun Pod!

Here are some pics:








And here is the build plan:


  • Ninseis_Pun_Pod.pdf
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Is this pod designed to adapt to the "mini series" power pods? Odd that the "Pun Jet" wouldn't be designed to use the same pod as the rest of the minis.:confused: Perhaps some Sketchup work is necessary.;)



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I found the cool factor of this little plane too good to pass up so I scratch built one. I was fearful of the flight characteristics given the posts in one of the other threads, but I had what I'd call a successful maiden. A friend tossed it into a very gentle breeze and I had no problems gaining altitude and circling the field. The roll rate is truly ballistic, even with low rates. I was having enough fun that I tried doing a mid-flight wing fold about two minutes in to my first flight. It worked! They snapped up and then I popped them right back open and continued flying. Now confident in my clearly superior flying skills, I tried it again. That didn't work so well. I had too much speed and the servo stalled, as Peter warned about at the end of the build video. I nosed in with folded wings, unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, the only damage was a bent nose and a dented lipo. It will fly again, and I can't wait to get another battery and give it a go. So count me as a big fan of this little plane. I'd highly recommend it. Oh, and I've only been flying for three and a half months so I'm hardly good at this. It's not a first plane, but don't be scared of it like I was.

Here's what I used:
- Emax MT 1806 2280 kv
- GWS 5043 prop
- Dynam Dectrum 12 amp ESC (it barely fits in the fuselage, but it did fit)
- Towerpro 5 gram servos for the wings, 9 gram for the fold mechanism
- Lemon 6-channel DSMX receiver
- 3S 500 mah battery
- CG about an 1/16" in front of the wing fold pushrods - I had to add two quarters worth of ballast to the nose to achieve this; go with a bigger battery or add some weight up front.
- Throws at the 12 degree low rate recommendation
- 50% expo on elevator and ailerons
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Just finished building mine and parked it next to my blunt-nosed Versa.


- Emax MT 1806 2280KV
- HQ 5x4 prop
- RTF Quads 15A ESC that I had for another project, but didn't want to wait.
- HK HXT900 Servos
- HK 3ch receiver that works with my 9X
- 3S 1000mAh battery
- Nylon clevises and threaded control rods.

Still have to set the throws and expo, and put a bit of weight in the tail. If I measured the CG right (7.25" from the nose) I don't think I'll need much tail weight.

I've got some black DTFB I'll probably make a new canopy out of.
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Tonight, I completed the Pun Jet that I bought at Flite Fest.

I set the elevator throw using the 12 and 16 degree gauge from the kit, but I was unclear on how much aileron throw I was supposed to see. As it turns out, the answer is very little.

On my DX6, I set travel for each elevon servo to 60. Then, on the D/R expo screen, I set elevator high/low rates at 90/60 and aileron high/low rates at 75/50, with 50% expo all around. I initially went with 30% expo and found that it wasn't enough.

In between all the crashing I did with it tonight, I managed to get it trimmed out and now have a decent feel for the plane. It's a handful, but I brought it home in one piece. I'm declaring success, even though I have some minor repairs to do! :)