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I have updated the FT Mini Pun Jet plans (version 1.1) to the latest FliteTest plan format. You can grab the new plans from my Plans Index here on the forums.

SP0NZ - Plans Index


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flew my Pun today for the first time.

used a emax 1806-2280kv w/ 6045R prop, 12A BLheli ESC, and a 2S-800mha. i had throws set to 16 and 12 degrees for dual rates with 30% expo. i do not have folding wings.

first 3 flights were very short. i had heard about the tendency to torque left and spin. it did this immediatly even with a slight right trim. ended with a thud but flew. 2nd try i went to 12 degrees throw on the dual rates and threw back into the wind. this was almost controllable but still ended quickly with a thud. 3rd was better, i actually had controlled flight and did almost 1 min before planting in a bush. 4th and 5th i dialed up the expo but kept the 12 degree throw and was able to fly. it was crazy, fast, and like a lawn dart, but flyable. 4th ended in the bush again, 5th was actually on the strip.

gonna adjust the dual rates based upon today and can't wait try again. i think this is gonna be a fun, hold my beer and watch this, i dont care if i crash, took 3hrs to build out of salvaged parts airplane. gotta love that.



jason ;)