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FT sea duck challenge

I see electronic purchases on the rise. 😂 I think this challenge should be for those who can fly inverted. My planes usually end up landing that way but never by my choice. I'd love to see videos of this one. It would make high entertainment😂😎


Well-known member
Exactly! Honestly just any plane seaplane or otherwise with pontoons on top landing inverted on water would be so cool. You could literally do a aileron roll takeoff!!!


Master member
Seaduck inverted is interesting. Today I did several laps of the field inverted, had to stick to full throttle to keep it level. I think it could be done, but the landing would be fast. You would need similar pontoons that you use on speed planes, long and sleek. I would love to do it, but at least 2 months before the ice breaks up here.