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Ft storch testimony

So the boys and I are flying our storches and my 14 year old lost site of his plane I mean it was just gone. He said he was keeping half elevator and no throttle when for about 5 min. I called it and just marked off his plane as MIA about 8 min into it I take the controller and with no one on the controls for nearly 4 to 5min. It makes an appearance in the distance just cruising around in a big circle about 150 yards from where it was last seen.
This just blows my mind. It's been dubbed the blue ghost.
I maidened my Storch at Flite Fest 2015... while flying with a bunch of other models in the air, I suddenly realized that I was actually watching somebody else's plane, and that I had no idea where my Storch had gone. I guess it was about an hour after that when somebody walked past our tent carrying my Storch, headed for the lost and found. Turns out it had landed some distance off, all by itself. There wasn't a mark on it. Amazing model, the Storch!