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FT Twin Sparrow

Plane FT Twin Sparrow 1.1


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FT Twin Sparrow Free plans - FT Twin Sparrow Free plans

The FT Twin Sparrow is a new twist on an FT Classic! From chuck glider to Full FPV platform with differential thrust, this little bird will not disappoint. The Sparrow was designed to create an enjoyable and fast build experience while also teaching you all the needed skills to build any of our FliteTest designs. On a 2 cell battery, the FT Twin Sparrow is a fantastic trainer that can teach all the needed to have success in flight. When you install a 3 or 4 cell, you have a fast and...
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The docs on the Twin Sparrow state CG at 69mm from the leading edge . . . but on the original Sparrow it was 45m . . . why the difference, and which one is right?
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FT Twin Sparrow plans have been revised to v1.1. Thanks to FT forum member @radornato for pointing out the needed corrections.
  • Cavities added to spar section of the wing panel
  • Double C-Fold labels added to the spar section of the wing panel
  • Removable nose cut lines added to fuselage