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FT Viggen Thrust Vectoring Setup please help!!!

My Viggen is setup with thrust vectoring (elevator control). I have a DX6 TX and a Orange RX 6 channel. Ive been messing around for a few hours now trying to figure out how to setup my receiver to make the thrust vectoring work in unison with my elevator. Im stumped! Also I cant find any forums or videos on the interwebz to help me. Hopefully someone has an easy explanation... :confused::confused::confused:

Thanks for any tips!!!



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Do you want it on all the time or controlled with a switch? if you want it on all the time just put a "Y" lead in between the elevator servo and the rx and connect the T/V servo into that. Other wise you will have to create a mix in the radio to use a spare channel so that when activated the T/V works with the elevator controls.


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I had to use a DX8 and a 7 channel receiver to get it to work. All attempts to get the mixing to work with my ancient DX6 failed. I had mixed results when using a Y lead.

Once I added the 7 channel receiver with the DX8 everything worked fine. Now I can mix the amount of travel as a percentage of elevator throw.

Viggen 1.JPG
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