1. f-35lover

    Edf as second plane?

    Hello! i am a novice pilot but i want to fly edfs as a second plane.(my first plane is the simple scout) I'm thinking of the ft Viggen or a random depron edf parkjet. any suggestions or tips? I don't know if i should fly edfs because i have only been flying slow planes. Thanks
  2. flitetest

    Plane FT Viggen 1.1

    FT Viggen (Saab JA 37 Viggen) Design By: David Windestål Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Flite Test Viggen is a rule breaker. It's a jet that can slow down to a crawl and not stall. Yet it can be fast and track like an arrow. It has a precise and locked in feel. These characteristics...
  3. Mozella

    3D printed Viggen Nose

    I liked the Flite Test Viggen except for the foam board nose. It was not very pretty nor was it very scale. It was also a PITA to build. But the concept of a disposal/replaceable nose was appealing. So I 3D printed one along with some modification of the slightly clunky cheek inlets. I...
  4. B

    Solved Foam Board Australia

    Hi, I was looking for foam board big enough and light enough to make a Viggen out of it. so which foam would you guys recommend me to use? Thanks -Boxy!
  5. CatholicFlyer

    Combat Simulator

    I use the Battle of Airplanes Combat Simulator, I'm flying the Viggen, and I have noticed when I get shot down, the front that is the cockpit of the jet, ejects forwards intact, I wonder if in the @flitetest design of the Viggen, a parachute could be added, in-case in flight the cockpit comes...
  6. JDill

    Better wing for the FT Viggen

    The FT Viggen was my first EDF and it's been fun plane to fly. It's a great design and actually goes together fairly easily. The one thing I haven't liked is the flat wing design. It's a big wing that, when made out of a single layer of foam-board, is weak and tends to warp. I even added some...
  7. landedit

    ESC caught fire during preflight checklist

    Hello all, I recently built a twin edf engine plane. However, while running over the preflight checklist I did an engine check and my esc's both started smoking furiously. Both engines were the same, the were the 64mm EDF Viggen package from grayson hobby. Why did they catch fire? I was using...
  8. D

    200% FT Viggen for Flite Fest East 2017

    Well I figured I would post a quick thread about the large EDF Viggen that I am madly working to have ready for FF East. I should have started sooner, but many things (new house) have slowed me down. That said I think I can have it at least ready to maiden in time for FF East. This will be our...
  9. F2G2Corsair

    Cold War Jets, EDF Series Please!

    Hi everyone. One of my favorite Flite Test designs was the FT Viggen, and I was wondering if the Flite Test Team could do a Cold War Jet EDF Series this winter. I would love to see the F-105 Thunderchief built much like the Viggen was. How about we put it to a vote? Each person vote for the Cold...
  10. R

    FT Viggen 5,180' above sea level

    I finally got around to building the FT Viggen I purchased months ago. Here is a video my friend Jeff took of a flight at the Arvada Associated Modelers field outside of Denver, CO. Over a mile high!
  11. HilldaFlyer

    Glassed Viggen

    Hi everyone, I good friend of mine gave me a FT Viggen for Christmas. I've been too busy to get to it, but if it is anything like the FT-18, it will need support in the wings to make it durable. So, I'm going to start my build and document my process here. Please follow along.
  12. E

    FT Viggen Thrust Vectoring Setup please help!!!

    My Viggen is setup with thrust vectoring (elevator control). I have a DX6 TX and a Orange RX 6 channel. Ive been messing around for a few hours now trying to figure out how to setup my receiver to make the thrust vectoring work in unison with my elevator. Im stumped! Also I cant find any forums...
  13. E

    Viggen Thrust Vectoring and Power Pack C issues

    I bought a FT Viggen and I am planning on doing thrust vectoring. I bought the Powerpack C kit. After building the thrust vectoring kit it seems the motor's shaft from Power Pack C (GT 2215/ 09) gets in the way, so it cannot be mounted to the thrust vectoring unit. Am I supposed to use a...
  14. E

    FT Viggen EDF with 3s battery???

    I'm looking to build my Viggen w an EDF. It seems that all the motors for EDF need a 4S battery. I have a good amount of 3S batteries and was hoping there was an EDF build that can utilize my 3S batteries and still give me the performance the Viggen deserves. Anyone have any...
  15. C

    Speed challenge - duel edf Viggen

    Hi Team, The first flight test you tube video I watched was the Viggen, instantly hooked! Can we please have another speed challenge to see how fast you can get the Viggen to go, can we maybe see a duel 70mm, 12 blade edf version. I am not even sure if this is feasable, but hey! Cheers Scott
  16. James Y

    One Piece EDF for FT Viggen

    I am hoping someone can recommend a good all-in-one EDF unit for the Ft Viggen, ideally from HobbyKing, or somewhere in Canada. I originally bought this setup, but had my Fan explode on spool up...: Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) 10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit...
  17. N

    FT Viggen Crash-Causing Problem

    So I recently put together one of my first speed-build kits from flite test, an FT Viggen. I was super excited to get it in the air using the 70mm edf setup from Grayson hobbies. When I finally got out to a field by my house to fly it, I ended up crashing and wrecking the airframe on takeoff...
  18. C

    Hot Wire Foam cut Viggen

    This was my first time using a hot wire, I used the link for the formers from Flite Test, printed and traced the onto sheets of balsa wood and within an hour had the pieces cut and glued together, before I knew it I had the fuselage complete and it was ready for sanding, after a lot of sanding I...
  19. S

    FT-3D, Pun Jet & Viggen ready for maiden

    My current FT line-up ready for maiden. Wanted to get some before pics in case they don't return in the same condition. All the plans were plotted and manually cut out of Adams (Dollar Tree/DG) foam board. The FT-3D is actually my second build for that plane. Tried flying the first one on a DX5e...
  20. N

    Decals FT-Viggen

    Hi. I tried to download the decals to Viggen, but the link does not seem to work. Niklas