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FT Viggen

FT Viggen 1.1


flitetest submitted a new resource:

FT Viggen - Flite Test FT Viggen Free Build Plans

FT Viggen
(Saab JA 37 Viggen)

Design By: David Windestål
Plans By: Dan Sponholz
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The Flite Test Viggen is a rule breaker. It's a jet that can slow down to a crawl and not stall. Yet it can be fast and track like an arrow. It has a precise and locked in feel. These characteristics make the FT Viggen a great EDF trainer. The fact that you don't have to fly fast all the time and be afraid of...
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The Hangar

Fly harder!
I am so sorry for my bad typing let me try and clarify myself. I know there are three for the 70mm edf and 3 for the 64mm edf but why is there another set of both. And there is also a duplicate of the bottom nose piece and power pod holder.
Oh, I see what you mean. As fas as I know that’s a mistake in the plans. I ended up with extras when I built my viggen.