FTCC'18 WWll- Heinkel He-178


Ludicrous speed, GO!
Jet #2 is making good progress. Hoping to have it flying by the end of the week.
Given Rhinebeck is the weekend after next, thats a good thing.


Also, a quick little pic so you guys can see what else we're cooking up for Rhinebeck



Maneuvering With Purpose
I plan on raising all kinds of hell bringing the only allowed jet to a predominately ww1 model meet ;)

Could you BE any cooler?

What's ironic, is that by using an EDF, you are coincidentally modeling the horrible fuel economy of early jets. :) Bonus points IMNSHO.


Ludicrous speed, GO!
Quick update on the jet:
Painted it tonight. Im gonna be busy all day tomorrow with a robot battle my friend and I built a bot for, so I won't get to finish up the linkage and panel lines till monday. Meanwhile, I have another battery coming since my dad squished my original one when he crashed my plank. Maiden will likely be Tuesday or Wednesday.


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The Crash Photo Was great - Thanks.

Good Luck On the Maiden... I just got the blades to my other 64mm EDF installed (demolished during test run of my Viggen).
I have a number of new choices now. The trick is now to build this with an interchangeable EDF setup. (if I can) so I can build and test all these other new planes!


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MrWhiskers - did you happen to get a re-maiden and flight video on this amazing little plane yet? And some plans to release to the community so we can see a whole bunch of these get built for the FliteFests this summer :)