FTFB LazyBee


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I was surprised there were not a lot of plans for the LazyBee. I have a balsa kit I plan on building later this year but wanted to build a small foam board version first. I have not flown a 3 channel plan in some time but this one is such a joy to fly. Nice and floaty, such a sweetheart. I included wheels but mine were for visual purposes only.

Wingspan: 40"
Length: 32"
Weight w/o battery: 535g
Power Pack: C
Battery size tested: 2200mAh 3S



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Flitetests version was called the Old Fogy. I had fun flying mine till one night when I was flying it, the dew came in and my wing, melted.


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I did this one after I saw the LazyBee videos. Mine is based on the Simple J-3 I designed, so the fuselage is a lot smaller:

It's fun to fly.