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FTFC19 BV P.170 designed by Vhandon


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After completing the Grumman S-2 Tracker I realized I had enough time to join the FTFC19 challenge and have something to show at FliteFest Texas. I am a fan of Crimson Skies and wanted to do one of those planes. I settled on the Curtiss-Wright P2 Warhawk and started doing some research. That led me to the Blohm & Voss BV P.170. I decided the design would lean more toward the historical P.170 than the fantastical Warhawk.

The air frame is done and I will add the electronics next week then complete the plans. I did keep the design very simple and it went together relatively easily. I already started the plans and even though I have never created a set before that process is going well. I had a thought today as I was getting ready to create this post, "this is too easy, someone else has to already have done this plane." And I was right. I sorta feel like a heel and unoriginal now but I am still going to complete the build and the plans.

The entire plane is basically modified parts of an FT Tiny Trainer with three mini Power Packs, either A or F. It will only take about a sheet and a half of foam board to build but maybe a little light electronics work if you want differential thrust (i do).

I will go ahead and add the apparently only drawings for this plane along with the a cool Warhawk image.

3bb170.jpg bv170clr.jpg Plane_Warhawk.jpg


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Welcome to the challenge!

Don't feel odd at all about choosing an aircraft - everyone will approach creating plans for an aircraft design differently and the whole community benefits!


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Really enjoyed putting this together. Unfortunately, not flying very well. My first flight was basically a tilt-a-world. I added a vert stab and the next two were better. For the next flights I will add some weight to the nose and limit the throws more. Not sure this design is workable as is. I think the cord for the wing needs to be larger. I will experiment more once I get to FliteFest Texas.



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Finally dialed in the BV170 enough to get a real flight. Shortened the main fuse and trimmed the obscene vert stab. Balanced about 30% from the leading edge. Also, limited the throws to about 12deg and 30% expo. Unfortunately the elevator is almost non-existent and just when I was started to get the feel for the plane a tree jumped in the way.

I never got above a third throttle. I bet this thing would cook at full throttle and even at low rates I bet the roll rate would be ridiculous. Don't even get me started with differential thrust. I was soured on this project after the first few attempts but I think there is a lot of potential for a fun plane.

So, I think this flight has convinced me to complete the plans. I will just add about 20% more to the elevator control surface.

Video below. Sorry about the sun.


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Well it definitely flies. You should get it back in the air or build a new one and bring it to Flite Fest. Would definitely be in the true spirit of the event.


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Well it definitely flies. You should get it back in the air or build a new one and bring it to Flite Fest. Would definitely be in the true spirit of the event.
I am in the middle of fixing up a house to sell and time has been short but the more I think about that one flight the more I want to repair and improve this plane and get it back in the air.


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What a cool build. I'm not familiar with that historical plane, but its right up my ally for a bit unconventional. I'd love to see you get it up and running again, best of luck!