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FTFC19 Crimson Skies Heaven's Spade Carrier designed by FoamyDM


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So, I'm a little confused. Are you saying you are trying to control all the escs from a single signal channel?
I wonder if you are pulling too many amps on that one channel and getting brownouts.... I do find that hard to believe, unless you're trying to run the whole thing off the BEC of the 12a ESC.... (Do you have a separate BEC you could try, that would eliminate one possible fault...)

I haven't tried anything like this yet, but for my b-36 I expected to run 3 escs off of each channel.... (She probably won't flat spin with that HUGE vert stab, but now that I've tried differential thrust on a twin, I'll never go back!) :p


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I write this at work sometimes, or after i'm long overdue for sleep...so my writing is.. muddled. or I realized I failed to take the best picture to describe my issue. They have been deleted and moved here.

This project is fine.... The previous two posts should be in the "Micro" spruce goose forum... dang. sorry and thank you.

This project has one motor and esc per channel. (3 and 6?)
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