FTFC19 Crimson Skies Heaven's Spade Carrier designed by FoamyDM


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So, I'm a little confused. Are you saying you are trying to control all the escs from a single signal channel?
I wonder if you are pulling too many amps on that one channel and getting brownouts.... I do find that hard to believe, unless you're trying to run the whole thing off the BEC of the 12a ESC.... (Do you have a separate BEC you could try, that would eliminate one possible fault...)

I haven't tried anything like this yet, but for my b-36 I expected to run 3 escs off of each channel.... (She probably won't flat spin with that HUGE vert stab, but now that I've tried differential thrust on a twin, I'll never go back!) :p


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I write this at work sometimes, or after i'm long overdue for sleep...so my writing is.. muddled. or I realized I failed to take the best picture to describe my issue. They have been deleted and moved here.

This project is fine.... The previous two posts should be in the "Micro" spruce goose forum... dang. sorry and thank you.

This project has one motor and esc per channel. (3 and 6?)
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About a month later and here is the status:
Right now this project sits idle-ish. The Main Project Flies Well, I have a revised plan, but haven't rebuilt it as I want to build the parasite ship and incorporate it into the plans.


I think this is designed to fall to the ground with a massive drill head, and small rudder. (why it is propped is beyond me.) Maybe they are designed to fly through other aircraft (blimps, or bombers)

I contemplate how to have expanding delta glide wings... I'm expecting foam plate to be my answer, but I would prefer using DTFB.
right now I have two main approached.
A feathered/segmented wing, with the leading edge on a swivel, to expand the wingform. one idea is to set the segments like louvers. When fully expanded they close, less so, they open. Second idea is like a hang glider, with kite fabric or plastic bags. (promising, and simple)
The Second approach is to have fully formed glide wings swivel out like the Tomahawk missiles. While easier to execute, They miss the intent.

Then there is the four folding props. I could cut them from aluminum cans, fold them around segments of wire. Then make a hub from foam and reinforce. Then balance. use a hub core made from paper and ca, set into the foam hub.


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Never played Crimson Skies, so I don't know anything but the picture. Perhaps that folding prop is more like a gyrocoptor's rotor which auto-rotates to slow the decent.
If you went with foam plates for the folding wings you could tape them together in fan-fold sections, or perhaps just use a paper product. Plastic would probably be more durable though. Perhaps a combination of the two?


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How's the plans coming along? I'm still up for helping out on an Inkscape skin for this beastie! :D


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For the Drop Ship.
I think I will start with a Mini Flying wing setup. on the bottom of the drill Fuselage. I will set it up to glide. But be available to be powered.
I will set it up to have a removable power pod F.

I would prefer fold out wings... but my brain is just rebelling.