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FTFC19 - Crimson Skies: Devil's Dozen Mosquito by FoamyDM


Building Fool-Flying Noob
While designing another CS plane, I wanted to try a 5" A-pack version of the Devil's Dozen Mosquito. one the sheet is a chuck glider version. It fits one of those 2.5" (65mm) happy face stress balls. I was planning on finding a christmas clear acrylic craft ball

Here is the Alpha set of plans.
I will post a picture for the build mock-up by lunch time. with luck I will have a CG sussed out. the outside is ailerons, and the in would be elevators.
The main wing will need to have the paper removed and curled as a main model.

If you try your hand at this build. let me know your thoughts.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Here's some progress from today.
IMG_20181015_134051002.jpg IMG_20181015_134101021.jpg IMG_20181015_134037387.jpg IMG_20181015_134027546.jpg
As you can see the ball fit perfectly!
Cg is midway between the front of wing at the fuse and the front of the hole for the ball.
It came together we'll. I'm very pleased so far. Below are a few 6s snips of the glide tests.

Let me know your thoughts on the glider please.


Skill Collector
Glider is great - servo bag is awesome - don't know where you find the time to build as much as you do already! o_O


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I worry this is to small, so I'll nee to have a very light motor setup. I have two options.
1) put in the Tachyon motor, and a 2- 5 g servo setup. (elevator, rudder)
2) Put in the Banggood C-17 motor setup and balance it.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
None... I've uh, been busy.
both with RC stuff and elsewhere. (Scout re-charter and STEM day, DND campaigns, and Dadding. (yes a verb) ).

I have the Banggood C-17 setup. I will install and test tonight as the THK-13 project didn't work (yet).