Help! FTFC20 F-111 designed by Mayan


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So it's was raining, I had the morning free and all my build parts for the Howard DGA-6 project were at work so I did this.



I converted the F-111 balsa chuck glider to 3mm FB plans (5mm plans to follow soon).
This is a fun little project to do with the kids considering that hardly any hot glue is used, most of the pieces have been glued with Super77. No bevel cuts needed once the pieces are cut out because the plane has no control surfaces. Using barely a quarter of a FB sheet, balancing with a few coins taped to the nose, this will give you a good 2 hours of fun building and playing toss time with the kids. Want to go big? Add a small hook to the front on the bottom and catapult it using a pencil and rubber band.

Here are the plans I converted to FB for the challenge:

EDIT: The fuselage is built out of two pieces glued together.
**EDIT: Added plans for 5mm FB.


  • F111 Fuselage 3mm.pdf
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  • F111 Parts01 3mm.pdf
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  • F111 Parts02 3mm.pdf
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  • F111 Fuselage 5mm.pdf
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  • F111 Parts01 5mm.pdf
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  • F111 Parts02 5mm.pdf
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Though you know I actually think FT is missing some easy to build cool chuck gliders which was the first thought behind this project :).


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Designing your own chuck gliders is a good way to learn what works and what doesn't work in designing a positively stable model. Not much to lose when it all goes wrong.