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FTFC20 Fairey Swordfish designed by jack954

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I had some time today to start building the plane. I started with the wings because I knew It would probably be the most trouble. I designed the wing as a master series but I used a box spar instead of the plywood/foam spar they usually use. I wanted to try this because it is easier to build and you don't have to cut plywood. Unfortunately I made the height of the spar too big toward the center of the wing, so it was too steep to bend the top wing over the spar in the center. I also forgot to finish designing the dihedral but that is not too hard to do without plans. Other than that, I think it will work very well once I fix those issues.
Well I found out my problem... For some reason I doubled the spar height in the plan. I have no idea why:ROFLMAO:
I shortened it the right length and now things are fitting so far!
Finished the lower wing and almost done with the upper. Unsure how I feel about the master series style wing for this plane. I might try a standard FT style wing also. I plan to start working on the fuselage this weekend.