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FTFC20 Half-A Chaos designed by jfaleo1


Flite is good
Very nice. There are a few 1/2 A planes from the OuterZone dot com collection that I have done in foam board.

1806 motors with 5x3 props and 500-1000mah 3S batteries work well.

2204 with 5x5 props and same batteries are pretty sporty.

I've done the Sharkfish, Cannon ball, and Cherry bomb. With the Cherry bomb being my favorite. There have been others, but they weren't very memorable.

Cant wait to see your results. Good luck.


Junior Member
Added my V2 plans to the 3rd post. these are just for prototyping so anyone trying them it is use at your own risk... I'm still working on the airfoil and how to make it right. This is a starter pattern ship to move ahead with an airplane designed by a man who I used to fly with. I have all the plans for the design but I can't decide if I will build it as a foam and fiberglass, balsa, or foam board model. Or all three. so practicing on this design.


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Foam cutting has begun on this one. Photos to come, but so far so good. Minor tweaks and plans should work. Motor decision still to be made. I have a 2208 that may go here.


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Well, fuselage is pretty good. C pack electronics, may be overkill but plans were slightly enlarged. Wing is not what I want yet. I think I will make another but I will use rubber bands so I can switch it out with a new one. Needs to have a slightly wider cord and I am going to give it a better symmetrical shape, I think I will use ribs like I did in the Quiky with no paper ob the inside. Also I need to dig out a spinner for this just because. A few fuselage tweaks and it should work out ok if I can get the wing fixed. Pics later, no build pics yet since I am not happy with everything at all so another will get done for the build log, if it works out well enough.


Maneuvering With Purpose
Looks good! As a side note, in the pre-Quikie 500 days, we had Sport Pylon. The full-sized Kaos/Super Kaos was quite popular in that role.