FTFC20 Travel Air Mystery Ship by Basslord1124


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Try taking any piece from the master series and work from there it will open it up for you. I do recommend working with paper first though and then enlarging it by about 1cm and trimming as needed.


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I just put up a youtube video showing the wing progress, but here I am showing some fuse progress. I have sorta gotten over my hurdles with the fuse and it's really starting to come alive now. Only a little more exterior skin pieces to attach and then I can start doing some of those final details.



I have tried a unique approach on the outer skin pieces that I am going to try and explain lol...

Basically one edge of the skin piece is just a straight cut while the other edge I do a bevel cut AND peel some foam past the bevel cut...so you are left with a little strip of paper. So what happens is I wrap the skin around the former the beveled edge meets up nicely with the straight edge (all of them meet at the bottom center of each former). And then I glue the remaining paper down. So what you get in the end not this gap where both ends of the foam skin meet, but actually a more seamless look. Well as seamless as I can anyway. If anybody is confused about that, let me know and I'll add pics/video to help explain the process. It's really a technique that's been done before on other FT models, just not maybe not quite like this.

Figure once I get the cockpit skin put on, then I can add the tail feathers to it...and then the fun part of trying to match up the wing to the fuse.


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Well an unfortunate thing happened. I was finalizing getting the rudder servo linkage hooked up to the rudder. Once I got it hooked back up, I tested the servo and nothing happened except for humming from the servo. Tried to manually move the linkage and it wouldn't budge. Ended up stripping the servo...I can only assume it was just about to go and I'm pretty sure it was reused from another plane. So having to perform surgery, not sure if I have any spare 5g servos or not.


Oh and I did get a few burn marks on the rudder/vertical stab. It just wasn't the day for work on the Mystery Ship. :(