FTFC21 - Build-ruary the 4th


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February is FT-Build-Ruary Month! (for the 4th TIME:eek:)

Hi All, Lets welcome another flying season, ready to go!
Once Again, I challenge all here to turn February into FT-Build-Ruary

So Many Planes So Little Time:
I, like most folk in this community, have a LONG build list of planes I would LOVE to build. Since I have Gotten involved here in the forums and this challenge in 2018, there has been in incredible influx of new Classic Balsa designs turned Foam, fantasy Planes, Plans, builds and ideas/inspiration with the Bloody WWII Baby! forum thread and and the FTFC WWII Design & Build Challenge, and the FTFC Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge the FTFC Classic to Modern Challenge, as well as any plans listed by SPONZ and other forum members. and this Past year with Covid-19, has brought in a number of new designers and designs. This Challenge is expected to be conducted in Conjunction with a Water Plane Design-Build Challenge I will co-host. A submission that fulfills both challenges my be submitted.

Challenge: Spend February building at least 4 functioning RC Foam planes. Make a list and Build-log for each plane on the list. This will be scored out of 100 pts. (8 pts for entry, and 23 pts for each Build)

Be sure to post your entry below:
Must have a Declaration of participation with a link to your Build Thread
a list of your four(4) planes.

Build Thread Summary (5 pts):
Start a Thread - "FTFC21: Build-ruary by (Builder)" with your linked build list. Include your estimated Build Skill and Piloting Skill (1=New, 5=Expert)

FTFC21: Build-ruary by FoamyDM (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot SKill: 3 Novice)
  1. FT- Mustang
  2. FDM MM Explorer
  3. Depron to the Rescue <250g Autonomous FPV Searching Rig
  4. FTFC21 - Aquatic Design & Build: Flying Boat
BUILD POSTS: (23pts each)
Set aside Posts 2 - 5 and title them "FT-Build-Ruary: (plane) Build by (builder)"
Each build post will be scored as follows on March 1st 2021 Midnight EST (-5GMT):
  1. 5pts Picture of the plane with Plans link and/or Forum link (for other community members to find them) and your reason for choosing this plane.
  2. 8pts Build-log: A brief explanation of your build process, and note difficulties, changes and tips along the way. Be sure include your build pics and a estimated build time. Include your take on how the build went (1 Simple -5 Complex) and how it flew (1-easy to 5-Hard). [2 pts basic, 4 pts helpful, 6pts detailed and helpful, 8pts article ready.]
  3. 3pts Color Scheme - A decorated plane is more fun.
  4. 5pts Maiden Video *Due before March 8th*
  5. 2 pts Post-project reflective statement. (Summary of Do's, Don't and tips)
*Planes started prior to Febraury 1st will take a 10 pt. deduction.*

The Build Challenge Begins February 1st and Ends on the 1st of March 2021!
Maiden Videos must be posted before March 8th.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 posts as of March 1st will not be judged
Parts 4 and 5 dated as of March 8th will not be judged
*That means You will have 1 additional weeks to get your maiden flight edited and posted*

The Winner will receive (Supplied by FoamyDM):
  • Bragging Rights!
  • I plan set cut from DTFB*
  • Trophy (maybe)
Runner Up will receive
  • Full Size Printed Plans*
*plans must be supplied by the winner.

Good Luck FT Community, Get your plans ready and Happy Building!

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The Hangar

Fly harder!
Awesome, I’m looking forward to this one! Hopefully with the aid of a 3D printer and needle cutter I’ll be able to complete 4 planes this time, however I have a suspicion that the 3D printer might be more of a time-consuming rabbit hole than a time-saving device...:sneaky: Anyways, I have a fairly large list of planes to build (as do most of us) but these are the 4 that I’ll be focusing on next month:

1) @whackflyer kfm wing
2) @IdoAllMyOwnStunts speed arrow
3) @mayan DGA (Mr. Mulligan)
4) FTFC21 - Aquatic Design & Build: Icon A5


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I would do the aquatic design and build, but I have nowhere nearby to fly a float plane off of. My stick design *if it flies* would lend itself well to floats though


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Reserved for Contestants:
1) @SquirrelTail is using this Blog for these builds;
Pietenpol-my desgin​
FT Vector-50mm EDF​
FT Viggen-70mm EDF​
@Matagami Designs Mini Nemisis​

2) @The Hangar is using this Blog for these builds;
1) @whackflyer kfm wing​
2) @IdoAllMyOwnStunts speed arrow​
3) @mayan DGA (Mr. Mulligan)​
4) FTFC21 - Aquatic Design & Build: Icon A5​
3) @Matthewdupreez is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. Ms mustang...
  2. ft simple cub...
  3. mighty mini spitfire... my own design...
  4. mighty mini mustang
  5. Option A - FT Simple Scout

4) @GliderFlyer is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. FT delta
  2. My own design foamboard Dakota
  3. FT baby blender
  4. FT commuter
5) @mackaiver is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. mini p51-B
  2. mini scout biplane
  3. Reliant Scratchbuilt
  4. mini spit
6) @GrizWiz is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. EZ Cessna Skymaster (My own design)
  2. FT Pun jet or Arrow
  3. Mini MS P-40, P-39, or Spitfire(all my own design) I will do a vote on my thread!
  4. EZ ME-262 with 2 35mm EDFs
  5. Mighty Mini Stick(my own design) Extra
7) @FoamyDM is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. Icon A5 -
  2. BD-5 - Depron Build
  3. FT - Spitfire
  4. MS P-38 or FT-Arrow
8) @Samh is using this Blog for these builds
  1. 3D Scout
  2. Hangar RC Simple Stick with 3D capability + Float flying
  3. Grifflyer Shrub Smacker
  4. Grifflyer F-22 or 13th Squadron MS Mini Zero
9) @Matagami Designs is using this Blog for these builds
1. @The Hangar Simple Stick​
2. FT edge​
3. @Namactual Dat Rhino​
4. F117 64mm EDF (my design)​
10) @Zetoyoc is using this Blog for these Builds;
  1. Ft goblin
  2. Zetetoc slow flyer
  3. Balsa builder placeholder
  4. WW1 bomber
11) @Taildragger is using this Blog for these builds;
  1. @mastermalpass Halfpipe Delta
  2. FT Bushwacker
  3. Kitfox - My design
  4. FT mini scout
12) @JasonK is using this Blog for these builds

  1. ~100g kfm wing (own design)
  2. FT mini-F22
  3. ~250 kfm wing/FPV (own design)
  4. STOL V-tail ?Trainer? (own design)
13) @Timmy is using this Blog for these builds
  1. Hangar's Simple stick
  2. MC stick
  3. Jpot's Pitts Challenger
  4. FT Cruiser
Alrernate @Whit Armstrong 's Bf - 110

14) @Scotto is using this Blog for these builds
  1. El Chup... my own take on a Geebee hopelly slow but agile?
  2. Curtis F-9C Sparrowhawk from card paper plan scaled up x6
  3. FT Duster 137% or similar
  4. TBD depending on time
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Challenge Results:
First I want to thank everyone for participating and helping make this challenge so much fun. I'm always interested in how often life takes hold and takes some of the best laid plans. I love how some entrants looked to be having a great time building the planes they could get to, and the handful who managed to meet the challenge head on. It has been a honor and pleasure to build with you here and some of you on the Discord Podcast channel.

1st Place - @JasonK - 90
2nd Place - @Scotto - 82
3rd Place - @Matagami Designs 81



Let's come together and Congratulating our first prize winner @JasonK, to whom I present the Trophy
[placeholder pictures]

And congratulations to our Runners-up @Scotto and @Matagami Designs - Both great Entries.
With an honorable mention to @GliderFlyer who build and flew all 4 planes.

Also time to give yourselves all a round of applause
@SquirrelTail , @The Hangar, @Matthewdupreez, @ GliderFlyer, @mackaiver, @GrizWiz , @Samh , @Matagami Designs , @Zetoyoc , @Taildragger , @JasonK , @Timmy , @Scotto: I hope everyone has a fun time participating in this Nutty Mad-Cap challenge.

The podcast Discord tries to host a build night once a month. next time you feel like having someone join you. reach out there and keep a look out for it in the future.

I hope to see you there!

Calm skies and soft landings

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I would do the aquatic design and build, but I have nowhere nearby to fly a float plane off of. My stick design *if it flies* would lend itself well to floats though
The Aquatic design build challenge will be separate. In an effort to help you with both, when it rains.... aren't there at least a FEW lake-like puddles?
That's how I got this one and off the water:
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Look at your school too. they often have a number of them. you have over a month to scope a good one out.
If the Civil Engineers have done their jobs well, it will be hard.


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hey i am in man....
My builds will be ....
#1 Ms mustang...
#2 ft simple cub...
#3 mighty mini spitfire... my own design...
#4 mighty mini mustang...

optional #5... 1/4 scale cub... with weed eater or chainsaw engine....
and maybe a c power pack (200%) commuter

lets do this
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Question, would designing plans for a plane count as "starting a plane"?
It's not my challenge, but I would say no. People building planes from existing plans will have big head start if you can't , so I say you should be good to work on the plans before the start date. I guess @FoamyDM will have to answer for sure.


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I guess if it was considered starting a plane, I could un-enter the challenge and the designed the plans, then re-enter the challenge after I finished them, so long as I did not make the airplane I will enter before the starting time.