FTFC22 - Build-ruary Build Challenge


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I'm in

Sig kadet junior by Matthew dupreez
Hot wired mustang
Hotwire 50inch gamebird
Jetworks gripen by jetworks
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Ok, I have committed to two of the projects and started my thread.

Thread Linky

The first will be a new sport plane I am designing called the Crossfire.
The second will be a profile Grumman Panther EDF based on Dick Sarpolus' plans.


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And when do you think you will have those Magician beta plans done? Asking for a friend ;)
Here you go... There are NO instructions, but you know me, so... I will help where I can.


  • FDM - Magician.pdf
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Me! I'll try hehe.
1. FT Sea Duck
2. Jpot's Stick
3. Dunno
4. Dunno
Awesome! Let me know what the link is when you have it, and good Luck.

I will be setting up Build-nights on Aviation RC Noob podcast's Discord throughout the month to just get together and chat about what we're building and get that community spirit if you like. Maybe you bring us all to a maiden flight.