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Last year at FTFF there were some amazing builds made during the event, including no fewer than three large builds. As cool as each one was, the space for each ended up being hijacked from it's planned purpose (unused space in the build tent late at night, space set aside from camp sites, or even sneaking into the hanger). This year, we want to provide a reserved space for the team projects to get the work area they need and the notice they should get for building something cool!

That means you. Yes you!!!

You know what I mean -- that group of friends and family you've been wanting to build with? That BIG crazy idea you're sure your team can build in couple of days? We want to save a place for you!

Inside the new, larger build zone, we're planning on setting aside a handful of large reserved stations with power and space for teams to build.

Cool! I'd like to be a part of that!!!

What we will provide:

  • A space in the big tent with 4x 8' table cluster, setup as a large workspace
  • Power for building
  • Reserved time slots large enough to get the job done
  • An audience to see the cool project you've made and encourage you as you work

What you need to provide:

  • Your Crazy Build Idea
  • All materials and tools for your build
  • Time and effort to make it a reality
  • An application for the space (keep reading!)

I'm sold! so how do I sign up?

That's the spirit!!!

We need you to fill out a quick application. Space is limited and valuable, and we're giving it to prepared teams for free. The application tells us what you're planning, and gives us a feel for how ready you are to succeed (and if you're not ready yet, what we might be able to do to help you get ready).

The application is attached below, and will need:

  • Team Name
  • Names of the team members
  • Dates your team will be attending
  • Project Name
  • Short Description
  • An estimate of material costs (we need to know you've counted the costs and know where to get parts -- not just for foam board, but for electronics, spars, props, control linkages/horns, decorations . . . whatever you need)
  • Tools you plan to use (Glue guns, cutting tools . . . whatever)
  • A guess of how much time you'll need. (we'll try to give you what we can, but space is limited)

For the application to be considered:

  • at least 1/2 of the team members must be pre-registered for the event
  • at least one team member must be pre-registered as a pilot
  • at least one team member must be an adult.


View attachment FTFF15_Team_Build_Appication-Team_XXXXXX.txt

^^^^^^^^ Application file ^^^^^^^^

Great! So where do I send the application?

Send the completed application to:


DO NOT POST THE APPLICATION HERE -- they will ONLY be considered from the email address. We expect the applications and their ideas to be somewhat private until the event, and we'd like to respect that privacy.

So is there a deadline to send in the application?

We'll need your application in by May 25th, so we can consider them and build a schedule.

Please be advised, there will be NO preference for First-Come-First-Serve for the reserved spaces. We're reserving the spaces based on the merits of the application.

Wait, so wouldn't it better to wait until the last minute?

Not At ALL! Send it in as soon as you can!!!

Still unsettled on a detail or two? Not sure if Uncle Al can make it yet or not? If you're mostly done, but hung up on a few details, make your best guess, and send it in.

We don't want a cool project to suffer from a weak application, so if we still have time and we see some things that might be lacking in your application, we'll contact you and help you beef up the plan. The earlier you send it in, the better chance we can help you prepare -- you'll have a better shot at a space, and we'll have projects that have a better chance of succeeding :)

Okay, so I'm sending it . . . when will I learn if I've got a spot?

We'll publish the team build schedules on June 1st, to give builders plenty of time to finish their preparations. If your team didn't make the cut for some reason, we'll keep a "waiting list" and if a team drops out, we'll contact you ASAP to see if you can take their spot.

Drat!!! I left off somebody/the team hates the name/I forgot something in the materials/I've got a better description . . . what now?

Send an email with the updated info. we'll add it on and hopefully make your application stronger!

This seems so complicated . . . I just want to build a Speed Build Kit with my Son/Daughter/Brother/Best Pal/Imaginary Friend.

There's going to be FAR MORE unreserved spaces for building smaller planes and/or smaller groups. These build stations may not get the larger build area or the notoriety, and these stations are first-come-first-serve, but like last year, you're free to build what plane you want to build with and whomever you want at the unreserved build stations.

So, any questions I've missed?

For some additional general details, have a look at the "FTFF 2015 Build Zone Vision" thread. For general questions, feel free to post them below. For specific questions about your project, send them to "build@flitetest.com" (please keep them to the point and please be patient with us -- Honest, we're not ignoring you if it takes a few days to reply back :) )
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