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full throttle test problems

when i go full throttle on my tri copter it rolls left slightly. I'm running the kk2 board and not entirely familiar with the settings yet so any help on this will be much appreciated. thanks in advance.



I have noticed that mine pitches backwards at near full throttle. Maybe a P and I setting thing? I immediately reduce throttle, so I don't know if it will compensate.

I wonder if one of your motors is not putting out as much power as the other two at full throttle or if it could be a prop issue.


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Try shifting the battery or other weight to the other side and see if that fixes it for you. Switch the two front motors/props, and see if the problem changes. One of your motors may have a tight fit which may cause the problem.

The Mixer Editor may be a workaround for the problem but it's not really a solution.


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I just did my first KK2 test yesterday (no props) and noticed the front - left engine responds less to tilt than the other two (does not speed up as much), sounds a bit similar to your problem.

- My transmitter sticks are calibrated,
- there are no 'weird' mixes configured
- I did the KK2 ESC calibration
- I did the the KK2 autolevel config on a flat desk

Did you do those steps as well? Especially the last two could cause those problems if omitted (front left ESC that delivers less power than the other two or the KK2 that thinks level != level).


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Hi, I just did the calibrate ESC and auto level calibration again and now it is less of a problem.
The ESC's also did make a different sound sequence when calibrating as far as I remember.

So you might try this step again, maybe you had a similar problem (one ESC not calibrating or something like that).

BTW: only ESC that becomes slightly warm is the no.1 which is also used (with a red lead) as power source for the transmitter and yaw servo.

Edit: it was not powering the yaw servo, OUT1 and OUT2..OUT8 have different power circuits:
Connect one ESC with BEC to OUT1 (motor 1) to power transmitter and KK2.
Connect 1 ESC with BEC (typically motor2) to OUT2....OUT8 to power the tail servo.

I've disabled (folded back and heatshrinked) the third ESC BEC power line.

Edit: and reversed one of those changes because of the reason mentioned above: you need a second BEC to power the servo, so at least one of the OUT2..OUT8 ports should be powered by an ESC with BEC

It was not clear if my ESC's (Turnigy Multistar 15 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC 2-3S) could handle parallel connection to the KK2 (the KK2 power bus is linked through on all connections (although OUT 1 is separated from that), so all BEC's from the ESC's would be providing power at the same time. Some ESC's allow that, some don't.
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