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Fun videos that make fun of US!


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Post your light hearted videos that show how foolish we all can be at times...

Here's the ones I found. Enjoy!



How fast does his plane go again? :)

I was looking to post this clip from "the simpsons" but sadly I could not find it.. - It makes fun of us alright - I can only offer this transcript:

http://www.snpp.com/episodes/4F06.html said:
At the Springfield Park, Milhouse is showing his RC plane flight
skills to Bart and Nelson, as they watch the plane come and go, and
come, and go...

Bart: Milhouse, this is boring. Make it crash or something.
Milhouse: [smugly] Perfectly level flying is the supreme challenge of
the scale model pilot.

Nelson takes the remote and gives a more spectacular stunt. The plane
loops and wanders everywhere, until it targets a paddleboat occupied
by Martin and Ralph.

Martin: Ah! It's gaining on us!
Ralph: I'm pedaling backwards!

Monty Burns also has a close encounter with the plane...

I don't like being outdoors, Smithers. For one thing, there are too
many fat children.

The plane bounces off Smithers' head, and finally ends its trip
crashing on the roof of a mysterious old house. The fence says "no
I highlighted the most important parts ;)