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Funds for DLG sale! Naza, GoPro, Turnigy 9X w/ FrSky, etc.

Hi Thurmond, ups ground estimates (2 lbs) 13.47*USD.
We could split it for a total of $37. How does that sound?
Let me know thanks, john

Ups also said its roughly the same price up to 50 oz. I have a bunch of different motors, esc's, servos, props, and lipos
That I could give you a list of if you needed some of those as well and shipping wouldn't be more. Or not, just let me know...


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Let me know what else you have in the way of motors, esc's and props. Not really interested in used lipo's.

By the way Priority Mail might be less for shipping.



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I recently shipped a transmitter and receiver by USPS Priority flat rate (medium) box and it was a bit over $12 regardless of the weight.


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I too have found that the flat rate boxes are the way to go, usually faster than the "others" ground, and way cheaper!
i wrote down what i have available

I don't have the time to sift through and document what props i have, so just tell me the sizes you need and i'll just include a dozen or so of them for free, how's that sound? (from 5x5 up to 11x6)

Optima 370 Brushless Motor 2212-1200KV, brand new never used, new $16, sell for $8

2212-6 2200KV Outrunner Brushless Motor, new never used, new $10, sell for $5

Optima 400 Brushless Motor 2215-920KV, only flown a handful of times, never crashed, new $17, sell for $8

Exceed RC Rocket 2205-1500KV Brushless Motor, never flown just bench tested,new $14 sell for $7

Exceed RC Rocket 2205-2300KV Brushless Motor, flown and crashed but still works good, surprising power for such a small motor,new $14 sell for $3

one Exceed RC Proton 18A Brushless Motor Speed Controller ESC, never used, new $14, sell for $7

four Exceed RC Proton 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller, flown only a couple times, never crashed,new $18, sell for $8 a piece

one Exceed RC Proton 40A Brushless Electric Motor Speed Controller ESC, flown about a dozen times, never crashed, new $27, sell for $13

let me know,thanks again, John
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f.y.i. priority mail cost:

Priority Mail®
Medium Flat Rate Box
13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8"
11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"

I think it will fit, i made a custom box from the original box's foam...


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How about $100 shipped for all we have discussed in post #2 and post #7 and whatever props you might send (I use 6" and up). I can send you a postal Money Order. Contact me by e-mail redmud at caprock-spur dot com.



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Im near youngstown oh. about an hour and a half away. Do you still have the batteries available? also looking for an fpv setup. Let me know.
You can have the remaining 4 batteries (nanotechs) all for $85. Can you pick them up? Im in bethel park 15102. Some of them are actually still charged, you can get some flying in...
I've dicided to keep my fpv setup because I don't have the money to buy the fatshark 5.8 yet.
Let me know, thanks, John
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