1. J

    Naza Lite ESC/receiver

    My brother picked up parts from an engineering class at UCI. 2300KV cobra motors, props, and a naza lite flight controller. Apparently, the naza lite is powered by the PMU, so I was wondering if I get 30 amp simonk esc with BEC, can it power the FC or are all the positive wires that go in the FC...
  2. F


    Hi There, For the first time in my life i'm building a drone. It's going to be one for aerial photography and video. I'm almost done with it, but i ran into a problem i can't solve. I'm using a Q-brain 25amp 4-in-1 esc, in combination with a standard turnigy 9x receiver, and a naza-m lite...
  3. I

    F550 Naza M-lite jumps on gps and atti

    Hi Last week a upgraded my f550 form LibrePilot Revo to Naza M-lite and the atti and gps mode seams weard. Jumps sometimes, then stay perfect on the atti and next start to jups again couple of times. I record my flight so everyone can watch that and help me with that. Before i upgrade form...
  4. M

    [HELP ME] Dji Naza m lite motor problem

    I've got a quad copter built with Dji naza m lite and 30 amp esc and a sky fly transmitter. When i arm the motors one of them just turns on constantly and the other three motors turn on at different times when i throttle up. Can anyone help??
  5. hotbrass2005

    NAZA M Lite vs Ardupilot vs Knockoff APM vs Others?

    I'm planning out a build of an electrohub quad to be used as an AP platform and potentially as an aircraft for getting involved in Airbears. I'm trying to decide on a flight controller, but am not sure which one would be best for me. I'd like to be able to do GPS hold, altitude hold, etc...
  6. hotbrass2005

    Electrohub Quad with Naza-M Lite?

    I'm thinking about building a new multirotor this winter. I have a 3d printed 250 class tricopter I've been flying around for about a year, but I'd like to build something to get nice, gimbal stabilized video. I like the cost and flexibility of the electrohub, but I'm curious about flight...
  7. B

    Telemetry sensors for Frsky and Naza M v2

    Good day all. I am building a quad and would like some feedback on the Frsky sensors like the Variomiter or GPS. As well as the Naza M v2 sensors like the motor temp and other sensors. Figured installing them during the initial build would be better than build and hack.
  8. B

    Control board question.

    Hello all. First time posting so be kind. Im an old rc guy from way back and I live in a weird spot to say the least. Originally from Missouri now a long ways away for a long time now (10 years). So this whole quad thing has happened and to be hones I have never even seen one in person. We are...
  9. B

    Naza-M Lite Orange flashing.

    Hello i recently bought a new quadcopter in parts and they will be listed in the end. So, i wired everything up to what i thought was right and when i bind the Tx with the Rx the LED starts flashing orange or potentially red. The power setup i use is the Linear BECs on the ESCs disabled by...
  10. P

    Zaggometry + FrSky Dashboard???

    Found this article here: Tested it with my Turnigy 9X, Frsky DTJ + D8R-II and a HC-06 bluetooth module with integrated Max 232. It works and AD1 and AD2 are displayed/read aloud by the FrSky Dashboard app on my...
  11. D

    Help! I need pmu power for the naza m

    I got the Naza M flight controller today and need to figure out how to supply power through my esc to the PMU unit to power the LED. The esc im using is a 4 x 25A Brain Q esc. Where do I wire the PMU connections to the esc battery lead? Do I solder them on at the base of the battery...
  12. thenated0g

    Naza-m v2 work as controller for non zenmuse gimbals?

    Been searching Internets for a while. Does anyone have any experience with using the naza as a controller for non zenmuse (h3-2d / h3-3d) gimbals? Not sure if it really can do other gimbals and nobody has documented it yet or just bad advertising on non US websites.
  13. I

    Noob tricopter wiring question

    I'm building my first multi rotor and I'm learning a ton, but there's one thing I just can't really seem to get. I'm starting my wiring harness, and I have a few questions. 1- Because the KK2 is forever out of stock, I decided to just pony up the money and invest in a Naza. Do I or do I not need...
  14. J

    Naza Lite not finding home position, TBS Discovery pro

    Hi Guys, I hope I'm posting this is the correct place I'm new to the forum thing! Apologies if the answer I'm looking for is already here somewhere I've had a quick look but can't find it. I've just finished building a TBS Discovery pro with Naza Lite FC. I'm having problems getting it to...
  15. Hionimi

    Bit confused about how GPS accuracy is stated for products...

    Bit of a short question, but I'm confused about GPS accuracy that companies state on their websites or manuals. Like the DJI Naza Lite with GPS that I got in today, they state 2.5 meters accuracy horizontally, and 800 centimeters vertically. (Metric system! :p ) But... Do they mean total or...
  16. I

    Naza-M as a 2-axis gimbal control?

    Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my english, i'm really trying to learn it. So, i whant to build a 2-axis gimbal for GoPro3 on servos. Naza M will be a control for it. Gimbal kind'a like that: But, my buddy said that...
  17. B

    My Best flight to date! Quadcopter Beach flight.

    My best video of my flight at a beach in the gulf of Mexico. The camera I used was a Gopro Hero3 silver. Please tell me what you guys think!
  18. J

    Funds for DLG sale! Naza, GoPro, Turnigy 9X w/ FrSky, etc.

    All Sold! Everything sold, thanks to all!
  19. P

    TBS Discovery Quad - Cheaha State Park

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but I've been flying planes for a decade, and multirotors and FPV for about 8 months. I've taken a few videos before, but they've all been just raw footage. I recently took a trip to Cheaha State Park near Delta, AL and took the Discovery with me. I shot lots of video...
  20. S

    Naza Lite - Unable to get working

    Hey everyone, I have just got myself a naza lite to pop onto my DJI F330 quad. I have plugged everything in and powered it on which is ok but when I plug it into my PC I am unable to install the drivers from the DJI website. My power unit just flashes orange and I can't do anything. I have...