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General Goggle Compatibility for Quadcopters

I am buying the JJRC PRO 200 and I would like to purchase these goggles:


as per recommended by UAVfuture in his beginner video on YT. The customer service question says, however, that these goggles are not compatible with the drone.

I would like to know if there are any other goggles recommended for this drone and more importantly, how can I know or what do I check to see what drones (or VTX piece maybe?) are compatible with what goggles.

Still fairly new to this any info much appreciated. Also if there is a resources that explains general part compatibility especially with regards to electronics, I would appreciate a link. I'm afraid to build my own piece by piece because I have no idea how to properly pair and ESC with the proper motor and the PBD with the proper battery etc.



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Video transmitters and receivers work on an analog system, similar to how television used to be broadcast. There are no proprietary protocols to worry about, so as long as the receiver (often built into goggles) and transmitter can access the same bands, you are good to go. As a part of the product description, they should list the bands and channels they can use.


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That goggle set says it has 64 channels... I currently only know of 40 set up for FPV in the 5.8ghz range allotted. I will assume that its two 32 channel set up and they state 64 as they are 3d capable? I just watched the review video and the guy did the auto search of channels so I will say it will work with all receiver's out there. The guy answering questions in the sales page is pushing product and not being truthful with the answers.