Getting back into the hobby!!


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So I've been out of the hobby for about 14 years. My first plane was a pusher prop fixed wing, great little plane. Since I've discovered Flite Test, its been a eye opener for me. Being able to buy foam and build planes is just awesome. I'm still getting used to flying again so its fun. The planes i have now are the Ares Gamma 370. And ive built four planes so far only one has been somewhat successful with flying. I love all you guys at Flite test, very inspirational, Josh and Josh are hilarious Alex is just awesome with his builds and the style he fly's , Davids Designs are awesome my one flying plane is the Viggen. I plan on building more and hopefully if a flight fest ever comes to Southern California ill definitely be there


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Why no flight success with the FT models? They're not only fun to build, they generally fly amazingly when built right. Oh, and Welcome!


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Been to rainy out here the past 3 or so weeks but hopefully soon. And yes they are a blast to build and I’ll soon be flying once the weather permits