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Getting Stupid with the Tiny Trainer - The Challenge.

Oh nice! I may have to build one of these for the aileron wings that came with the FT Trainer someone gave me a while back. 2 trainers to get crayzee with!



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Thanks guys, I did not see that article, that could be an option too. What I was looking at was by Henry in 2017 and referenced by @Hai-Lee in 2019 in his mods list. Anyone have that and the cog point?
Sadly I did not save that version!
As for the balance point it is the wing used that determines the balance point. Use the exact same balance point as marked on the plans for the wings.

Have fun!


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For those interested in the 120% extended wing with flaps, here is a link to the plans. i guess if you wanted to make it at normal size you could make it 83% which would get you close to the normal scale.
I'm slowly teaching myself to use Inkscape so i can adjust the fuselage score cut lines to make future 120% builds much quicker as i dare say i will be making this beauty again! I will post those plans here as well.