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Girly Air Force RC Phantom


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i've been working on this on for a few weeks now. right now this is where im at.



as u can tell they did change up the F4 to make it (atleast to me) cooler looking. for weeks i was having trouble get the wing tips that right size due do only have a few pic up until the lastest EP the aired. i keeped on trying to get the size right as seen in these pics



i was using these at first to get the size



these r the 3 sizes i had to go though. i think i have it sized right this time.

unlike last posts i've done on here i do think i will get this one flying. but it will be around spring-summer time. this one wont fly cuz its more of a test body to get everything looks right and i will rebuild her once again later one. so next i need to so paint her like the anime.

with that said can someone link me to some cheap but good EDF i can buy. the ones im looking at r going to be $80 for both oof.

this is Mid7night F4