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glow vs. electric


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do a glow vs. electric vid you could compar price and performance on the same plane
What plane do you need to compare?

Glow is normally not used for smaller (only electric) and larger planes (gas instead of glow).
Glow can normally not be allowed indoors.

The performance will normally be better in all sizes for electric planes.
The initial cost for electric will normally be higher for electric but after a while is the running cost less for electric and the total cost same or less for electric.

There are other aspects more interesting when comparing, like the sound (noise called by some), the “charm” of tuning an IC engine to be reliable, the very long flying time you can get on a day just refuelling and starting instead of charging/replacing heavy and dangerous battery packs.

If you are seaching for IMAC on the tube you will see and can compare planes with 200 cc gas and similar electric.
The top competition is almost similar when you compare. Both gas and electric are naturally expensive.
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