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Golden Goose

Well yesterday was an atmospheric phenomenon here in NE OK. 50 degrees with 5mph north wind. Maiden went awesome, I've got a short crappy vid here. I'm running high rates, no expo, 50% differential. She did fantastic except for the nose gear collapsing on takeoff (hence the woopties at the beginning). After this vid I did a durability test against a Red Oak and I must say, I'm impressed. Dented the nose and broke a prop, 10 min later I was back in the air. Flew 6 times last night and even with these off brand 2212's she'll hover, invert, knife edge, and crappie flop without breaking a sweat. What's more, if I had differential thrust at 100%, she would fly EXACTLY like the PhoenixRC model (except for the durability settings of course). Anything I tell this bird to do it does it without any bad habits. My only complaint would be how low the tail wants to drag when banking. Takes quite a bit of rudder to keep it level. I'll see how 100% diff thrust helps. Sorry I didn't get the landing, but they've all been very uneventful so far. With this gear setup, it's actually difficult to crap a landing.
I'm going to go with larger gear, a new spring setup for the nose gear, and work on the drop hatch linkage next. We're back to rain again here so I should have a few days to get the details finished up. I do believe she's earned her name badge and a few more stripes. I've got a few more threads started on this plane so I'll try to link them all together with this vid.

I like the paint scheme you have going there, looks like your flight went pretty well.

Also loving the Fallout Vault sign you have in your hobby cave! (y)


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Nice tree dodge! My mini guinea is silver. Not had a break in the weather to fly mine yet, hope my maiden is as successful as yours.


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Congrats! These big planes like this are so much fun to fly. I keep trying to get my dad to fly my Sea Duck, because that thing is SO forgiving; looks like the Golden Goose is along the same lines! :)
Thank ya! That tree dodge had me puckered up. I think you can hear me saying I was gonna cut that out lol. I'm blaming that on the nose gear collapsing but it was really panic mode dumb thumbs.
I'm absolutely in love with these big foamies. Here where the wind blows non-stop, I've lost, killed, and completely destroyed several 1/2 A sized planes. This girl not only is SO easy to see, but the wind doesn't seem to phase her at all. I do believe the Sea Duck will be my next project. Never had a sea plane before and I've got two large ponds that should be perfect for her.
My favorite thing about BIG FOAMIES??? They fly like you actually know what you're doing, when obviously doofises like me cannot lol...

Fallout's been one of my favorite games even before it was cool! Back in my 20s when Fallout and Fallout 2 came out, I don't think I saw sunlight for months. Nothing like turn based hex battles lol...
Absolutely! Weather permitting, I plan to run "Egg Drops" at Easter this year. Amazon is selling golden Easter eggs for about .50 a piece right now. I'll do some testing, but I'm thinking either simple streamers on the eggs or a very basic parachute. Don't want them winding up in Kansas lol.
Got my new landing gear yesterday, going from a 2" to 3" foam tire on the rear and a 1 1/4" to 2" on the front. I'm also going to bend the nose gear aft to try and get more spring out of it. Might wind up with a bush goose before it's said and done. I'm also adding an aluminum nose gear caster off of an old set of retracts. Should be plenty strong and still be free to spin. Plus it's purdy lol.
Ok well I went too big for my caster to work, so I'm reusing the ft style nose gear setup. Made a HUGE difference in taxing though. I can actually use the cowpatties as ramps now lol. Had a great wind test this morning. She wollered around some but down trim fixed that right away. I'm just happy I've finally got a plane that will take the gust (and a hard landing).
Side note, I'll throw this in scratch builders too, i'm always buying up good deals on foam board. I found a box of 48x36 trifold 18 count for 22bucks Amazon prime free shipping. Took literally 30 hours to arrive. What's better, it's black. Not just paper black, but foam black! And of course I go to buy more and it's out of stock. I've got the sku number now though! 1552659105394-887964465.jpg 1552659176742485500627.jpg


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I found a box of 48x36 trifold 18 count for 22bucks Amazon prime free shipping. Took literally 30 hours to arrive. What's better, it's black. Not just paper black, but foam black! And of course I go to buy more and it's out of stock. I've got the sku number now though!
Just teasing us are you?!! :mad::LOL:
(You KNOW I'm working on a SR-71 right?....)
I kid you not Kilroy! Here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017BDI6U4/?tag=lstir-20

Here's my email to Adams requesting another vendor source:
"Dear Sir or Ma’am,
I’m writing you in regard to a product you manufacture. Your Redi-Board 8018 Black 18 count has become a staple in many of my projcets. Unfortunately, I’m having a very difficult time finding a supplier. Would it be possible to get some information on who may carry this in stock and if there are any online vendors available? I appreciate your time and any information you may be able to provide. Thank you!
Daniel L. Wilkie
IT Manager"

I'm looking now at some different waterproofing methods with this board. It's just as light as white and reacts to anything acrylic exactly the same way. I saw a vid with the cat from Projectair using a Valspar spray sealer. I haven't found exactly what he used yet but when I do I'll put it to the test. I'm not keen on pealing paper and re-adhering especially when the color is perfect already.

Actually I wasn't aware you were on a Blackbird project! I've been watching the one by squirreltail though as the SR-71 is in my top 10 favorite airplanes. I built a BEAUTIFUL Estes rocket model when I was 12 (which I successfully launched once... into the gulf of Mexico). I was actually looking at rebuilding that model as a micro rc (perhaps twin 1104s with clear 3 blade 4" props... hmmm.....).

I'll repost when and if I hear back from Adams. I actually didn't even know the foam was black until I got it out of the box.

One word of warning. There are LOTS of foam board vendors that believe their board is made of pure straight grain balsa. I've seen prices as high as 97 bucks for 25 sheets of white. Much much higher when looking at trifold. I actually think I may have scored this as a mistake as the vendor shows unavailable for all of their boards now...


Ok so I spent way more time flying than building this weekend, I did get the poop chute done though! I've got two vids here of the setup. I'm running one blue gem 9g mounted 3" above the bottom deck of the cargo bay. The angle messed me up a bit on the "closed" position, but a little endpoint adjustment fixed that. I have the door braced on the inside with a popsicle stick and a nylon control horn mounted on the lower end. I might mirror this setup on the other side if it starts tweaking the door. I've decided on the two position switch setup (I just thought the potentiometer looked cool) and it actually worked out well with loading that way. I set the first position to load my cargo (it can sit directly on the door with it being level), close it up, then when bomb time comes, open it all the way up.
I was dropping pine cones all morning yesterday but they kept hanging up on my servo wires. I moved to empty 8oz plastic sprite bottles from there. Not only did they slide right out when dumped, they kind of drifted a bit before landing. Made it TONS of fun for the kiddos to chase em down and help me reload.

As soon as I get a better camera I'll post some more in-flight videos. I've got a few sparrows built last week that I think need to get piggy back launched this week as well...