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good news, great news, and terrible news (not really but it isn't that bad i guess)


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i have finally graduated my USAF tech school and am prepared to enter the operational air force and begin on the job training. I'm off on leave and ill be headed to malmstrom afb soon. ill also be flying again soon! I'm excited to be back and up in the air. now that the good news is done the bad news, my wife decided to leave me during tech school. but I'm not sure why. oh well, looks like I'm another statistic. but I'm not upset or heartbroken or anything, and at least ill have more time and money to put into my hobby lol I'm going to also have more time to devote to being on the forum. I'm actually glad to be back!
Edit, there I go making it about me again.

Hey, congrats on your achievement and going active. Don't worry too much about the wife going separate ways. You two will probably be happier in the long run, just wish her well.

Once you get firmly rooted you'll find another woman who more suits you and you'll have a happier life together. This getting married right out of high school just usually leaves you in a lower tax bracket with someone you didn't really want to be with because neither of you were fully formed yet anyways.

Translation, its all good.
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. . but I'm not upset or heartbroken or anything, and at least ill have more time and money to put into my hobby . . . . I'm actually glad to be back!
That is a fantastic attitude, so many people get caught up in the negative and that's all they will every see! You have a Fantastic attitude! Great to have you back :)


Dude, it was really nice talking to you on the phone, yesterday. I'm really looking forward to flying with you on Monday. Drinks are on me afterwards. Like I said, we all have stories of crazy women. We can compare notes!


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thanks all, i went out and bought a blade mcpx as a wife replacement. ill name it krista and i guarantee it will be more fun lol

but I'm already flying again had me pole cat out front messing with the wind and i can't wait to try out this stryker