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Good relatively cheap quad?

Hey guys im looking for a cheap quad copter but not a crappy quality one that will break after one fall.

Ive been looking at the hubsan x4 which is $85.

If there is a cheaper quad that you guys know of it will be greatly appreciated.

Im just looking to mess around with it, nothing serious. No payloads or anything like that.


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The syma X1 is available for around $40 on amazon with free shipping and everything you need to get it in the air. From what I have heard, it is one of the ultimate beginner quads in every respect, especially price, handling and durability. Check out some youtube vids of it and look here:


Stay away from newer mini quads from WLToys that have a model number starting with V2xx. They are plagued with "drop out" (as in from the sky) problems.


My second recommendation in the under $100 range is the Blade Nano QX.


This one costs more, but is equipped with SAFE technology, which has been demonstrated to be the ultimate in anti-crash technology. Again, see youtube vid reviews from many independent sources.
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I was able to bind my V959 with my Turnigy 9x though it's a bit screwy on start-up sometimes. The only problem is that I can't control the camera or lights.