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Good small camera


Fly, yes... Land, no
Hey guys. So right now all I have are a Midland XTC-100 camera that my GF gave me for Christmas and a HK Wing Camera (RD-32, the older, smaller one). Both of these small cameras are too BIG to fit on my planes. The wing camera almost fits, but I would have to make a huge plastic canopy to really get it to fit in my plane and protect it since its only heat shrunk. Both camera are not the best video quality either. The midland has a fiarly wide angle lense, which makes it great for action video capture (bikeing through the woods, snow boarding, etc) but not for getting a video of a 26" wingspan aircraft more than 30' away.

My primary goal is to get onboard footage. I dont care about FPV, just getting somthing like a pen camera. I've looked for something online but Id like to get some input from people who may have used something like what I am looking for.


The #16 808 Keychain cam is a great choice. This version comes with a wider view lens than the previous models. It can also now feed live video out, so can be used for fpv. Now, whether you SHOULD use it for fpv is another story. If you go this route, just do a bit of research to find a reputatble ebay vendor. RCModelReviews on youtube has a full review with links to vendors.