GPS Sensor for RX or GPS Tracker?


Flugzeug Liebhaber
Rumor has it Corn will be planted by the airfield this year. If my plane goes down, I wanna get in and out as soon as possible.

Spectrum has a GPS sensor. Rumor has it data is indicated on the receiver. The manual that came with DX6 RX/TX and GPS PDF posted at spektrum has no specifics. I understand firmware changes, but how about current rev details? SD card must be in the radio to record? Can anyone confirm by sharing their experience? How much is their monthly service charge? Is there a geo fence that can be set? Will it sync with my iPhone?

Second option is a small personal gps tracker. I use a passive tracker. I like it a lot, but it does not TX. I've seen plans for $99 a year. Can check on smartphones.

Third is recording gps osd. Vid TX are getting better, but it may be a hassle to swap between planes?