Greetings from Ft.Hood TX


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Looking for some advice for my first plane. I tried this several years ago with a Firebird ll from hobby zone but hand no real success so I stayed with 1'16 scale tamiya rc tanks, Cant really crash a tank. I've been watching all the videos and have a couple ideas which way to go but didn't know if I should do a RTF or a BNF. any help would be great


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Howdy, and Hoo'ah! Former Sapper here. Have you watched any of the Flite Test You tubes on starting out? If not, they are great even suggest good trainers or if you have room for a DIY Build, they provide all the information. If you have a Transmitter it might ease the cost of things. has a beginner youtube series which i used.


Hi Endo! welcome to the wonderful world of RC flight!

Make sure you get a trainer type plane to start out with. I recommend building the tiny trainer or getting something like a Valiant or Durafly Tundra. I made the mistake of getting a first plane that was out of my skill ranged and ended up wasting time and money on it. Get something easy!