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For Halloween this year in an effort to bring more young ones into the fold I handed out old lipos and razor blades to the young ones rather than candy.....trying to sort out why the FBI is banging on my door this morning...lol.

Seriously, anyone do some Halloween flying this year? Maybe night flying, Halloween themed builds or group combat? I looking for better ideas than lipos and razors for next year.


creator of virtual planes
I didn't do anything for Halloween, but if you're looking for something different to hand out to trick or treaters, and don't mind the cost, maybe hand out something like this: http://www.guillow.com/BalsaToyAirplanes.aspx

If you don't mind spending a little more, this might be better: http://www.guillow.com/PlasticandFoamAirplanes.aspx

I know some people hand out comic books, so maybe do a mix of comic books and planes and something else that is a lot cheaper, but seems just as good to a kid. You should probably have something that girls would like too...