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Hanging Airplanes


Propaganda machine
I use roof rack tethering straps in parallel, bolted to the wall. They can hold planes in a variety of different configurations and the wide, flat strap doesn't dig into the foam, no matter how big the model.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Although my Super Cub isn't as pretty as the one in the video, I found that using hangars meant for hanging pants works well. As the video states, regular hangars can dent the foam. Using pants hangars with the cardboard tube should help avoid that problem.

With limited space in my garage, I store fuses and wings seperate mostly by attaching 1x4's to the wall that have half inch holes drilled in them which I glued dowel rods into. Spacing appropriately for fuse and wings alike. For heavier planes I had to put bracing under the dowel rods but was just extra wood cut. Originally I would just slide the whole plane on the dowels, fuse attached tail pointing out. Later, as I needed the room under the tails, I would sit the fuse sideway on the dowels with the wings stored above.

Presently I have my Flite Test foamies hanging in my Bed room using coated copper wire used in flower arrangements and picture hooks. They all weigh less then most frames I've hung. I know, a 50 year old man with airplanes hanging in his bedroom. Well, it WAS my son's room all his life till he moved out and I just hung my hammock there so my snoring rearend wouldn't disrupt my wifes sleep. Maybe I should have put a comma in there as both sides do bother her at night.

Kinda reminds me, I do need to clean out my garage.
I just spent an evening creating a storage/transport solution for my new Radian. Here's a picture of the storage rack with the plane in it and without, as well as the original design idea (it changed while I was building it because I glued one of the T pieces in wrong and had to think fast on my feet.)

Radian in Carrier.jpg
Radian and Carrier.jpg
2013-06-05 17.10.53.jpg