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Happy Unboxing Day!!! (Next Holiday Contest Entry)


Hostage Taker of Quads
So what speaks holiday to you?

That's the challenge put forward in the Next Holiday contest.

There are so many things that hold the meaning of "holiday" for me, but I think of one in particular . . .

<Okay, Dan, which one?>

A Holiday dear to all race and creed . . .

<Really? Everyone likes this one?>

Celebrated world wide . . .

<Are you sure *everyone* likes it?>

A Holiday we all anticipate . . .

<Come on, that can't exist! Out with it -- What is it?>

Sometimes over months in advance . . .

<Enough buildup Dan! Spill it!>

A holiday known by all as . . .


Unboxing Day!

<Wait, What? You mean that silly bosses-become-slaves day after Christmas?>


No! Un-Boxing day!



No, no, no, no, no! Fisticuffs and sport boxing are fine! This isn't a protest -- it's a Celebration!

A celebration we all have when we see that Brown truck pulls up to the door


The driver steps up, and as we happy dance, he drops off a new box of *WONDER*!


What's in it? Did it all come in this shipment? Did they get it right?

That's Unboxing day!

A day when RC festivities commence, because new gear has arrived! I dare say, a day loved by one-and-all RC hobbiests! That's what I plan on signifying for this contest!

How you ask?

<No I didn't, but why not, I'll humor you . . .>

That's right! I'm taking on Kapper's Folly! I'm going to make a FLYING BOX!!!!!

Of course I'm not going to make the same mistakes . . .

<Like trying to make a box fly?>

Hush! It's a process!

More to come . . .