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Having some trouble

Yesterday I took out my FT Explorer (first plane i built) and it flew :). Today my battery is charged but receiver just isn't working, the LED wont turn on. What I suspect is that I accidentally put one of the plugs in the receiver in wrong and the receiver shorted out. I have a brand new FS i6 with a FS IA6B receiver. Any help would be very appreciated!

Pics of my problem


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What happens if you remove that servo extender and plug it in directly? Sometimes they don't go in far enough to make good connections.
Second do you have a voltmeter? I would very carefully check the voltage the esc's bec is putting out.


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Buy a cheap multimeter and measure the voltages. If the receiver is getting 5 volts and still does not work then you will need a replacement. I suspect that you may have a broken wire or the output of the ESC may not be 5volts. I have had to resolder wires back onto a few ESCs in my time especially after crashes or my rough handling of the ESC.
I assume the ESC did not come with the XT-60 plug soldered on? Either way that is a large metal connection with a large wire and takes a LOT of heat to get a solid connection. I suspect you have what's called a cold solder joint in there and it is periodically making a good connection. Try re-soldering it. Be careful because it is a fine balance between getting good enough heat in there vs melting the yellow housing from too much heat.
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I tried again today and I had the LED on for a second. I'm new to soldering, any tips?
How did you get the light on? Did you move any of the wires with the power on to try and discover which wire or connection might be faulty?

Just one tip for future use. Cable tie the lead from the ESC to the receiver to the battery leads to reduce the chances of pulling the fine wires out of the ESC in the event of rough handling or a crash.

As for soldering, everyone knows someone who can solder proficiently so get someone else to do it especially if it is the fine wires going into the ESC which are at fault.


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If you shorted the receiver signal and ground pins, it's possible it went into BIND mode. I'm not familiar enough with that RX/TX, but I know with spektrum stuff, if it's not bound, the LED doesn't light up.