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head tracking flight control

I have been flying quads for 3 years, and have recently tried RC plane flying. I am using a spectrum 6 channel radio and have FPV goggles with head tracking, a feature which I have never used. As head tracking uses 2 channels on my radio (assumption), I was thinking of ways to economize channels. Would it be possible to use the head tracking channels to actually operate the flight controls? Yes, I am suggesting flying the plane with head movements! I imagine the body gestures/contortions would be hilarious. especially if put to music !!


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It could easily be done on fixed wing. Probably not so much on a quad with 4 channel coordination need for most any direction changes.

The sensitivity can be changed to account for how much head movement vs servo movement is needed.

Just read up on ypur goggles as to how to configure what two channels will be used.

For the goggles I have it can be any combination of 5-8


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I have seen where people have hacked the Xbox controller (kinect).... maybe that would give you a “whole body RC experience “.


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Full control thru xbox does not sound to safe unless some kind of override gives control back to a normal transmitter already in a spotters hand. Something like trainer mode maybe.

The head tracking parallels the channels used or can be changed with a mode switch.