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Hello all! I'm into Oceanic perpetual flight development

Hi. Avian here.
I am developing a mix between an airplane and a sailboat. (Yeah Kind of like in Peter Pan or The Mummy (Scorpion King episode). The difference is of course that this is a serious approach to an actual flying sailboat.

There are working examples out there of Ground Effect Vehicles, that power of a motorcycle gas engine. However None of them are powered by the wind. In order to make things a bit smoother I will work with micro-controllers, electronic sensors and alternative servo actuators to manipulate the partly home brewed control surfaces that hopefully will keep this thing floating through the air in an intended direction.
The one example in real life we have that a perpetually flying oceanic ship would possibly be able to maintain flight is a big and famous bird:
The Albatross consumes zero energy in flight. I hope I will not have to mimic the physics of this bird too much. I have and will be working in Blender 3D to mind-map all the details necessary for success. The Umbrella term I have chosen for my project is Ocean Homie. The 3D model above goes by the name Air-Ploat One.


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Welcome to the forums!

That's a pretty kick butt project you're working on - please do share more details as you progress.

And what's the software you're using there?
Thanks for your quiick reply and interest.

The software is Blender -3D -The only thing that will work with an open software and hardware project such as this. I am currently mind mapping for a maximum number and what necessary types of electronic control surfaces and sensors such as wind direction, speed, humidity for a salty and windy environment . My Umbrella Idea briefly: Ocean Colonization for all!
More will be coming soon.
Rigid sails, rotating mast. Where here 2place my build log? Best File sharing site?

Very cool. Those would be rigid type sails?
The views shown in my images so far is of how my vessel would look just before trying to take of in very moderate wind, rather than being moored at a marina, or anchored at sea.

The Wingsails are very much TODO as of now,but to my best wish they are to be

All four chain linked together with a stepper, all 16 segments locking into themselves and the upper and lower wing foil for maximum stability. Telescopic inter-lockable composite semi flexible wing sails, possibly with soft pneumatic or hydraulic retraction inside and foil re-shapers triggered by wind pressure. on Carbon, or S-glass. Sounds complicated, yes, but put this besides an average modern 4 wheeler...

Question: I will probably want to move this forum topic, ( as it seems turn out to be my build log ) into some other Forum Category. Which one should I use?

I will also want to share .blend files with anyone interested in half similar projects. Where is the best place to do so?

As I am learning to master Blender most of the Objects I create are of fairly high quality. such as The propellers, rotors and the Furibee A2208 3D-mock-ups


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Hello avian.
Sounds like a very interesting and innovative project. If you want to make a thread in the Mad Scratchbuilders area of the forum I can move some of these posts into it if you like.

Welcom to the forum.
Are there any links or search terms to find a breakdown of the basics of how a vehicle like this works? I've never seen anything like it, and I'm really interested.
Are there any links or search terms to find a breakdown of the basics of how a vehicle like this works? I've never seen anything like it, and I'm really interested.
There are plenty of links to Wing In Ground vehicles.

Google Airfish One to see something similar on google.
There was a European guy called Lippisch back in the fifties and sixties that developed Ground effect boats.
I also believe The Iranian Navy is using such "boats" as coastal interceptors.

As for the sailing part: There are many boats that create lift from so called Hydro foils in the water:
The moth class is a sailboat race class that's gone over entirely to hydrofoils afaik. there are people on surfboards that hydrofoil as well. The Hobie Tri-foiler (Nice youtube videos) tried to make it during the early 2000:s It failed because of being too unpractical, and because once you were in the boat it was more like riding a complicated race car than sailing a boat which most people expect to be physical..

Rigid Wing Sails Has also been around for some time. When you want to set Speed records sailing around sixty to seventy nmph, you want to use these. In a full gale storm in the middle of the Pacific its an entirely different matter how you want to dress your mast.

The Body shapes remind somewhat of a real air-plane concept developed in the 1930:s called the Arup S2 (Heel lift Dr Snyder) in South Bend Indiana. A Milt Hatfield that was involved with these Arup Continued development in the late 1990:s, somewhere near Elkhart Indiana by constructing several so called "Little Birds" There is a very interesting Article on Wikipedia and 4 or 5 Youtube presentations including a walk through of his concept and Build.

The reason Why I decided to go with such a body is because of the excruciating forces at play in the Oceans an also because resemblance with Lippisch Ground effect boats as well as Airfish 1-8 (developed somewhere on the other side of the Pacific Ocean) There is one more incidence that made me choose to play with this shape. In 1946 American Northrop was playing around with an "unmanned air bomber:

In my Blender presentation that is coming along as I learn to animate, I hope to be able to show everyone how I hope this will turn out to function. I have already made a complete redesign of the Hull, Main Air-foil, floats and side masts, because of need to bring down manufacturing costs. positioning,but this needs to be screen-capped..

As a final thought I might put all the development files up on Git-Hub for people to grab.

I think that what I want to develop above if it works out have potential to bring ocean travel and living to a completely different level.
More pics: Upper wing retracted to base with only 1/4 of sail-wing area .

To give some idea of the complex mechanics that needs to be shaped into this craft.

Airploat-blender-render-cr.png Airploatkeel-cr.png Airploat-seat+reef-zoom-cr.png
I,ve been busy trying to set up a virtual motor "remote" control in blender 3D. there are more developments in another thread here. somewhere around here.
For clarification: The file links are in my other thread
In Mad scratch Builders corner, which continues this thread for now.

I am not sure what is going on here Is this thread in Mad Scratch-buiilders or in Hey New Guys and Girls?
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