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Has any one ever opened a thread meant to ask directly to any member of the flite test team. what i am trying to say is, if some one has a question to any member o the flite test team they could post it there. and when the FT team has a chance to answer them we could get an answer from them. I now that we could get any question answered by a lot of you guys out there but some times you want to hear it from one of them. they way things are turning out for them it seems that they are not out here with us now. in this thread they could drop by and see what the FT community is concern of or they just to stay in touch with the community.


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Truth be told, a lot of them are BUSY producing content, getting things like the Airpark set up, and managing production/product support. The more popular it gets, the more work they have.

Yes, it would be nice for Bixler to come on and interact with us on a regular basis, but I have a feeling he's got his hands full with FT content and managing the brand, not including spending some quality time with his flesh and blood family.


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If you're looking to get direct interaction with people on the FT staff, Facebook is your best option. They just don't come into the forums very often.
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I know what you are saying and i don't want them to take their family time away from them. but it started here and at least once i a blue moon they can shout out in FT forums waassss aaappp??? as some of us do not like facebook. but like i you said they have alot on their hands and we are happy for them.


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@skymaster I too think that it would be nice to get their feedbacks from time to time regarding what is going on in the forum which is a very loving family. Kind of bugs me that they are not coming in on the fun that is going on here. I would though like to mention that some of this topics came up on a different thread and in one of their more recent videos that they put out on the Tiny Trainer they seemed to have shown that they have heard what was said and read through the forum a bit. Just for you to know :).


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Yeah better off checking on Facebook. Not sure if he still does, but on occasion I've seen Stefan pop up here on the forums.