Hello everyone Nice to meet everyone


Knower of useless information
Hello everyone. My name is Quan. I'm 25 years old. I am a new member. I am really happy to meet you all Thanks everyone

Welcome to the forums! I think you'll find most of us to be nice guys, except for an irascible, vocal old coot who has a mascot from Jolly Green Giant foods as his avatar. :) Feel free to ask questions; you'll get a bunch of answers. Just remember that my answers are always right - unless my wife answers, and then HER answers are always right, even if you think it's wrong. LOL

Seriously, though, ask questions, post pictures of your builds, and don't be afraid to share your crashes and problems. A lot of the time it will trigger good discussions about what went wrong, as many of us have encountered those same problems and are more than willing to help out or offer advice. :) Also, don't get discouraged with the hobby; we have a motto of "Build - Fly - Crash - Repeat" for a reason. Even the best of us crash sometimes! :)

Also, if you could tell us where you fly, what you fly or want to fly, it'll give us a good background to chat and help you out. :)