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Hello! First post and Ft-widgeon question.

Hey everybody! My name is Collin I live in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, USA. Long time FT viewer first time forum member lol. Flite Test got me into flying back in 2013 or so. I started with a 3 channel Mini Bipe from the Slow Bipe Company (now defunct I believe). I then moved on to a Horizon Hobby Sport Cub s and developed my coordinated turns and some janky aerobatics :eek:. Just bought the FT- G-44 Widgeon and that's what brings me here. My Question is for other Widgeon owners, I'm seeking advice for a maiden flight. Were the default settings per the instructions and videos provided reliable enough to get it 3 mistakes up, trim it and get the plane back down in one piece? (for an intermediate level pilot). Did you move any of the push rods on the servos to adjust the throw for any control surfaces? I also set my Dual Rates and Expos to the recommend parameters using a Spektrum dx6e , just waiting for Sunday maybe Monday for the maiden voyage!
how was your maiden flight? what transmitter setup worked best for you? I was thinking in ailerons/rudder mix because of Josh's comments of the plane needing extra rudder while rolling, but not sure.