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Hello From Alaska...

Thank you for letting me be part of this community! :cool:
I have been doing free flight, and RC models for 45 years. I got into aerial photography about 7 years ago. I have adapted many other ideas into the wings of the plane for slower flight, upgraded the power, and most importantly have stuck to one type of airplane for ease of testing.
I have my own lighted planes for night flying also. My favorite is what I call my "Christmas Cub", 125 led blinking,:) flashing, or fading lights, this plane really draws the crowds. I am now waiting on my first Drone to arrive so I can get the stop motion video, and pictures I cannot with the airplanes.
I fly my planes in temperatures that range between 80 degrees, and -30 degrees:eek:. I get with an average of about 30-40 minutes of flying time, and fly 3 cameras at a time when needed.
Most importantly, 2 years ago, I designed a new RC tire, it is now under a patent pending status, I sent the prototypes to one of the oldest, and largest RC manufacture in the industry. They kept my new tire for 6 months.:( My patent attorney told me that they were waiting to capture my design by waiting out the Provisional Patent.:p So I was told to ask for my product back when the NDA, (non disclosure agreement) came due for resigning. I did, so they cannot produce anything like, or familiar for 3 years.
My patent attorney told me to sell some of my tires to get reviews, for the two other manufactures we are submitting too. So be it, lets have some fun,:applause: and get some smiles out there to you folks.:D I sold my first set to one of the members here, and he is ecstatic about them!:cool:
I will start a new forum blog about the tires soon. You can go to the FB page where I have some info on my new product "Alaska Grizzly Tundra Tire". https://www.facebook.com/groups/1472946926281305/ , and you can type these words into the search on YouTube also.
These tires fit most airplanes up to 1/4 scale, and I would like to find someone with 1/2 scale plane to fly them too. The tires are the lightest, largest, inflatables on the market, we have had 40lbs on them with no problem! The Carbon Z Cub does all it's aerobatics just like normal...
I live in Anchorage

I am in Anchorage, It is the largest city in Alaska. Palmer, and Wasilla are the outskirt cities which in all has about 375,000:) people.
Yep, stayed in Anchorage and got up to Wasilla but not Palmer - didn't have the time.

Best of luck. It's a great place to share ides.