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Help! Help a noobie out

Hi Guys,

An amazing member of the community recently helped me out in ensuring I have the correct receiver for my set up.
I am using a Taranis X9d in mode 2 with a FrSky V8r4II for 4 channel capabilities.

I am successfully binding the transmitter and receiver how ever, there is no response from the motor when I adjust the throttle. But if pull back on the pitch, the motor makes a series of beeps bursts into life at full throttle.

When powering up the receiver, I am making sure that the throttle is right back and all of the trims centred.
This probably seems like a silly question but as someone who's always struggled with learning difficulties, trying to make sense of manuals and diagrams I'm getting no where at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


4s mini mustang
You probably have your esc plugged into the elevator channel. I’m not sure which one is the elevator channel, but I’m sure that somebody here will.
Port 1 is throttle, 2 is ailerons, 3 is elevator, 4 is rudder, 5 wheel retract and 6 for flaps. This would be a general set up for a 6 channel plane.
Also some speed controllers need programming, most work normal out of the box. Also make sure you try and set up a throttle cut switch and don't have your propeller on when working in the house figuring it out. It can cut you bad... hope that helps


Elite member
Taranis uses AETR not TAER for its standard output, if you look in the inputs screen it will show you the channel order.
That would make channel 1 Aileron, 2 Elevator, 3 Throttle, then 4 Rudder. You can alter it by changing the inputs order and mixer. The gear and flaps can be put anywhere you like if you have them.
You might need to calibrate the ESC.