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Help! airplane won't take off!


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I bought a horizon hobby icon a5 yesterday. I assembled it and everything appears to be working properly, although upon later inspection I noticed the tail section was somewhat warped. But anyways I first tried to take it off from snow and it looked like it had to much friction and it just dug into the snow withe the left wing dragging in it. could not get lift off. So today I put the landing gear on, went over to my local park with a cement strip. I tried taking off again. I gave it plenty of power but before i could get off the right wing would lift on(right back wheel as well) and I simply couldn't get it off the ground. just sort of smacked into the snow bank on the side of the road. I also tried less power and more power but it looks like when I got to a certain speed the same thing happened, the right wing lifted off the ground. I tried to counter it with ailerons but to no avail. I'm not exactly sure what to do.. I put the control surfaces flush like I do on my edf jets that I am used to. I installed the steerable nose wheel but that isn't the problem. it looks like as soon as I start to get enough lift to take off, the right wing lifts off and it just noses into the ground, same as when I was in snow... I balanced everything to the best of my ability, the side to side is balanced and I balanced the cg to the spec in the manual. ( haven't gotten it into the air to actually get the cg perfect.) again I really don't know what to do. Is the motor putting out to much torque? Is the warp in the tail causing it not to fly?( how would I fix that if it is that). or is it something else? I really would appreciate an answer as well as how to fix it. im quite stumped..


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That's a pusher prop, correct?... did you make sure the prop is on right? If the tail is warped in such a way that it is pushing the nose down it will act like that, for example if you try to run a plane up with full down elevator.


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I tried hand launching it once but I don't think I did it right. I just ended up breaking the tail. I glued it and fixed it. Its pretty big to hand launch 1330mm or something like that. and it is a pusher prop. and no the tail doesn't look like it is pushing down. it more looks like the right wing is warped and getting more lift.. but I have no clue how to fix that. i really don't know what to do :$ tho I did call them, they said it was the control horn was in the wrong place, I fixed it, but that didn't fix the problem so I'm calling them again... hope it gets fixed :( cause every time I try to fly it, it ends up just bruising the plane more.
When you're on the ground, counter a roll with the rudder. At lower speeds the ailerons can act as brakes pulling the aircraft more into the roll.

Also, If possible, try a hand launched glide test before a powered takeoff. This will help you determine if the issue is control surface trim or thrust angle.
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